National Foster Care Month May 2017

May was National Foster Care Month, and we would like to thank all foster families including SJRC foster families. You provide hope and home to children and youth in foster care. We want to highlight a few of our foster families, so please, enjoy their stories below. If you're interested in learning how you can create a child's forever home, please visit: www.sjrctexas.org
The Williams family took these four precious young children into their home with the intent to foster them until they returned home. When the family was given the opportunity to adopt all four kids, they did so without hesitation! Now this military family is a family of six and traveling the country together! We are so blessed to have been a part of their journey, and couldn’t be happier that these siblings were able to find their forever family together.
Meet the Hoff family! As brand new foster parents, they jumped right in and added these adorable kiddos to their family just a week after becoming licensed foster parents. A year later here they are outside of the courthouse right after consummating their adoption. These sweet siblings will now get to grow up together with their forever family.
The Taylors have been devoted foster parents to SJRC since 2015. They’ve opened their home to several children over the last two years, and really just wanted to help children in need, even if that meant only temporarily until the child returned home to their biological family. When Robbie came into their home last year they had the same mindset…that he may only be there for a short amount of time. Still, they welcomed this precious little boy into their home for as long as he needed. Little could they have known that ten months later they would end up adopting Robbie and making him their forever son, and them his forever family. Robbie now gets to grow up in a loving home with his very own big sister! We are so proud to have been a part of their journey and are grateful to families like the Taylors.

The Baynham family previously adopted their daughter through SJRC. Now they are currently fostering a sweet baby boy, only a few months old, who is thriving in their home. The Baynhams feel so lucky and blessed to have him in their life. Whatever the plan for him, they are just grateful they get to love and nurture him, and give him the best start to life that they can. We feel so lucky to be a part of their amazing journey of fostering/adoption!


Mother's Day was a sweet one! Our New Braunfels campus houses our teen moms along with their children. Each mother received a special personalized gift made from their kiddos! Along with a yummy breakfast and a day of pampering.
Our kiddos enjoyed their monthly get together with Chicktime Bulverde! They brought in volunteers like Megan Perez, Realtor at Phyllis Browning Company who did a wonderful job selecting fun new foods for the kids to make and taste. The cooking class was a hit as we learned about restaurant etiquette, how to cook Breakfast Sushi- with a rice cake bar, Avocado toast with eggs, and fancy French toast! Thank you to this wonderful group who always provide awesome experiences and opportunitites for our children!
Volunteer Spotlight - "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
Stone Oak Bible and Donation Divas


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