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“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers” (Acts 2:42 ESV)

The breaking of bread was an early church experience that expresses the values of the early believers. As a newly formed faith community, they had gathered to remember their newfound joy and identity when they learned, had fellowship, and prayed, as well as broke bread, together.

To the believers in Corinth, Paul wrote: “For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes” (1 Cor. 11:26 ESV). The sacred act of eating the bread and drinking the cup together as a faith community is in itself a public proclamation of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus left his heavenly home to die on the cross as a condemned criminal so that, through his broken body and shed blood, we can be reconciled to God. For that, we are grateful and give thanks.

Moreover, since Jesus has reconciled both Jews and Gentiles in one body to God through the cross (Eph. 2:16), the breaking of bread reminds believers that they, though many, are one body in Christ (Rom. 12:5). Despite our diversities and differences, we are a community. And, as Henri Nouwen (1981, 87) puts it, “In true community we are windows constantly offering each other new views on the mystery of God’s presence in our lives.” This mutual sharing of life has been made possible through the cross. For that, we are called to be authentic and truthful in the way we live our lives, as well as to create space for God to transform our lives.

As such, the breaking of bread should never be a ritual hurriedly celebrated during an online or physical church service. The outward expression of the breaking of bread reminds all believers to remember and renew our inner experience in the Lord till He comes.

As we reset for this new season, may the Lord help us to continually renew our experiences in the Lord.

“都恒心遵守使徒的教训,彼此交接,掰饼,祈祷。”(使徒行传2:42 和合本)

掰饼是初期教会的经历,这经历代表了早期信徒的价值观。 作为一个新成立的基督社群,他们聚集在一起,通过教训,团契和祈祷以及一起掰饼来纪念自己重获的喜乐和身分。

保罗对哥林多的信徒说:“你们每逢吃这饼,喝这杯,是表明主的死,直等到他来。”(哥林多前书11:26 和合本)。 作为一个基督社群来说,一起吃这饼和喝这杯的神圣行为本身就是对我们主耶稣基督之死的公开宣告。 耶稣离开了他在天上的家,以罪人的身分在十字架上死去;因此,通过他破碎的身体和流出的宝血,我们才能与上帝和好。我们为此而感恩,并称谢我们的主。

此外,耶稣也通过十字架让犹太人和外邦人归为一体、与神和好(以弗所书2:16),所以掰饼提醒信徒:尽管信徒是很多的个体,但在基督里成为一身(罗马书12:5) 。 尽管我们每一个个体都是独一不同的,但我们同属一个社群。 正如 卢云神父 Henri Nouwen(1981,62)所言:“在真正的社群中,我们是不同的视窗,把神在我们生活中临在的奥秘展示和引入彼此的心灵世界。” 唯有透过十字架,我们才能这样相互分享自己的生命。 为此,我们被呼召实实在在的活出我们的生命,并留出空间让上帝改变我们生命。

因此,在进行线上或实体教会崇拜时,切勿匆忙举行掰饼仪式。 掰饼仪式的意义是提醒所有信徒,要纪念并更新他们在主里的内在经历,直到祂再来。


Online Orientation and Chapel 在线迎新会和礼拜

ACTS started the academic year with a night of online orientation and chapel to welcome our new and returning students on January 4, 2021. With “Empowered to Succeed” as the theme of the year, President Casey challenged the students to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit even as they strive to be excellent in all that they do. Together with the new students, we are all looking forward to an exciting new academic year ahead as they commit to equip for His glory!


Introducing the Student Life Committee 2021


The Student Life Committee is committed to serve the college community with passion. 学生生活委员会致力于热心服务学院社群。

Joel Tan (President); Joseph Shi (Vice President); Chloe Tang (Secretary); Ang Wei Lin (Treasurer); Charlie Chua (Member)

It's never too late to learn more about the Lord.

Register now for the coming intensive online modules in May-June 2021


Upcoming Alumni Fellowship 校友团契

You are encouraged to join us. 欢迎参与我们校友团契。

Investing in a Globally Recognised Education


ACTS College's accreditation has been validated by the Asia Theological Association (ATA) for another five years (2021-2026), and the Asia-Pacific Theological Association (APTA) for ten years (2020-2030)


ACTS -School of Supernatural Ministry (A-SSM)

4 April to 2 June 2021


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