Museum of Natural History William wallace

When embarking on this journey, I like to remember my attitude as I first walked in. I am not very big on nature, but after taking a few laps around this museum, I found myself indulged in every little exhibit there was. There was everything from ancient Indian burial grounds to life under the sea. Having the opportunity to enjoy nature and its history really gave me a better perspective on the natural environment around me. It is very interesting to learn about how this land we live on has changed over the years, for better and for worst. I enjoyed being able to see the lab scientists in action, doing their research and conducting their experiments right in front of us. I would highly recommend this museum to anybody I know, 10/10 would go again.

I apologize but all pictures taken from my phone are sideways and it will not let me rotate them.

My favorite exhibit, by far, was the butterfly garden. I did not at all expect to see anything spectacular but as you walked in, right away, you could see a plethora of butterflies flying around, sitting on the tree leaves, etc. I walked along the wooden boardwalk as I was guided through the forest maze almost running into the butterflies there was so many. This really grabbed my attention because the second I walked in they were so many right in plain sight. I learned here that when you are in another animals environment, they are much more comfortable. Normally when I see butterflies they stay far away from people and normally don't come within reaching distance. Here, I ran into them at least three times because they are not afraid, they feel dominant in their habitat and are less reluctant to shy away from humans. Seeing this made me feel very happy because I like to see all the butterflies around each other, flying around and in a beautiful atmosphere.

I feel this museum definitely did a good job of helping people enjoy nature, but at the same time respect it for what it is. They were very specific of how you were to behave in the butterfly garden for the sake of the butterflies, and you could see how careful the scientists were in the lab in order to be respectful to what they were testing on. In the exhibit above, I was able to find out a lot of tips and facts about ways to conserve energy in our daily routines. It was interesting to see how through such little effort we can help make our environment more clean and safe over the long run. As I could see everybody else definitely took in the idea of respecting nature, especially after learning so much about it and coming in direct contact with it. Through the butterfly garden, frog exhibit, etc. the museum gives their attenders so many opportunities to truly get in touch with nature. I believe by doing that you help everyone understand and gain more respect for nature. At least for me, I feel much more of an obligation to do well by my planet and those who I share it with. In the end, we all benefit by respecting the each other, the species around us, and the planet itself.

I believe this museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by giving us an opportunity to come in close contact with the lives of others. By doing this, learning about others before us, it gives us a better understanding of who we are by being able to see what we do differently from others. We get to observe the things we do better, the things we do worse, and the ways we are alike and different. I specifically liked the exhibit above, the Indian exhibit, because it gave me an opportunity to learn about the people who resided in the same area I do today. It was cool to see how differently they lived their lives, and how much more respect they had for the natural world. This definitely helped me better understand what we should do better as a society, and how we can help everybody do their part in respecting the natural world. More importantly though, it helped me as an individual realize my role, which is to do everything I can, as an individual, to make this earth a better place to live on for everybody

References: All the photos above were taken by me using my cell phone, except for the first cover photo whos reference is here : "Butterfly-Rainforest-FLMNH-UF-Gainesville-FL-055." Http:// University of Florida, n.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2017."



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