Wreck Of The Old '97 Kaitlynne Baker

  • well they gave him his orders at Monroe, Viginia, said: "Steve, you're way behind time, "This is not 38, this is Ol' 97, "Put her into Spencer on time."
  • Then he turned around and said to his black, greasy fireman, "shovel on a little more coal. "And when we cross that White Oak Mountain, "Watch Ol' '97 roll."
  • And then a telegram come from Washington station, This is how it read: "Oh that brave engineer that run ol 97, "Is lyin in old Danville dead."
  • 'Cos he was going down a grade making 90 miles an hour, The whistle broke into a scream. He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle Scalded to death by the steam.
  • One more time1
  • Oh, now all you ladies you'd netter take a warning, From this time on and learn. Never speak hard words to your true-lovin' husband. He may leave and never return.
  • Poor boy!

STANZA 1: The engineer was told in Monroe Virginia. He said Steve your way behind this Isnt train 38 its old train '97. Now lets hurry and get there on time.

STANZA 2: The engineer turned around and told the stoker to shovel a little more coal, and make the train go faster. He said watch as we go over White Oak Mountain, Old train '97 will be rollin.

STANZA 3: A telegram came from the station in Washington. It said the brave engineer that drove old '97 is lyin in Danville dead.

STANZA 4: All because he was going downhill at 90 miles per hours. The whistle was loud. He was found with his hand on the throttle, burned to death by the steam. One More Time!

STANZA 5: Oh, now all you ladies better have caution, from this time on and learn. Never speak rudely to your true loving husbands. He may leave and never come back. Poor Guy!

This ballad contains rhyming every other line . The Wreck of old '97 was written about a train wreck that took place near Danville at Stillhouse Trestle in 1903. The locomotive overturned on Southern Railway 1102 and derailed due to the engineer Steve Broady driving the train at excessive speeds. The train consisted of two postal cars, one express and one baggage car. There were 11 deaths and 7 injuries many people survived and died at a later time.

Engineer of the Train

The original author of the song was David Graves George, he was one of the first people on scene. David was a brakeman, telegraph operator and also happened to be a singer. The tragedy of the whole train wreck inspired him to write the song. Some years later he heard his song on the radio being sung by another guy and a lawsuit was filled but he didnt win and it became seminal in the genre of country music. The ballad places blame for the wreck on the rail road company for pressuring Steve Broady to go over and exceed safe speeds to get to Spencer in time.

Sign that stands in Virginia before the site of the famous wreck.
Wreck scene

Johnny Cash was a singer- songwritter, guitarist, actor, and author. He is a country music icon and is also talented in rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, and gospel music genres. Johnny Cash is known for his distinctive sound, humble demeanor and his trademark look known as " The Man In Black".

Johnny Cash and his Distinctive Looks

Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932 as J.R. Cash in Kingsland Arkansas. He is one of 7 Kids and does not come from a rich family. He was in the military and could not enlist with his name as initials so he had to change his name to John R Cash instead. Johnny Cash began singing at a young age when him and his family would work in cotton fields, they would all sing to make the day go by. When he was 12 he started writing music, his families struggles during the Great Depression and in general as well as other struggles around him are what inspire his songs. (wreck of the old '97). From age 12 his music was a huge success until he dies of complications with his diabetes on September 12 2003 at approximately 2:00 am at age 71, just a few months after his wife June.

The Cash Family
Johnny and His brother Jack who is also a Muscian
June and Johnny

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