Air pollution in china Toby Zuckerberg

Air pollution in China is a very big topic, which kills thousands of people every year in addition to attributing to climate change in a very big way. It relates to Taoist ideals because the whole Taoist philosophy is to recede from technology and become your closest self to nature. The main reason for all of this air pollution is that humans and the Chinese industrialization is creating more machines and burning of natural gasses as well as coal. If China were to be run by Taoists they would scrap all those factories and create a country that is much closer to nature.

PM2.5 are micro-particles, which are created from all the burning of fossil fuels. They can get into your lungs and is extremely bad for you. A Peking University study showed that, with such bad air quality, your chance of getting cerebrovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease are much higher. However, if you were to bring the air quality and PM2.5 levels to the WHO (World Health Organization) standards, the risks of getting those diseases would be decreased by 20 percent. The high levels of PM2.5 also result in about 1.37 million premature deaths every year. For 84 percent of Chinese people the PM2.5 levels are too high for the WHO standards. This is terrible, and quite often the government cancels schools and work because it is not safe to breathe and go outside because of the air quality. All of this is because of the machinery and burning of fossil fuels. When you burn fossil fuels you change their natural state, and that, according to Taoism, will worsen them. This is one of the many reasons the Taoist philosophies do not agree with the current state of China's air quality.

Questions I have from the topic of air pollution are what is China currently doing to try and protect their population and what are their goals. I think this issue is important because air pollution kills millions of people every day. It is currently helping to increase the rate of climate change, which also kills millions of people and animals everyday, and it is an unpleasant thing to live in. I assume that nobody in China enjoys hardly being able to breathe. I believe that in order for something to get stopped, people need to know what it is. That is why this is an important topic to educate people on.

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I am using this source to see what exactly is the air pollution doing to

their daily lives. I trust this source because Xinhua net, the online

version of the news source, has won many awards for writing and for their

articles such as getting 160th on a global websites ranking list made by

Alexa, an American website ranking service.

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