Practice More... A story about a girl who wanted to do something but did not get a chance to. So she tried harder... ¨I can do all things¨-#30 Curry

When you try let me say hope and faith relies on your thought... If someone says no you cant you say yes I can. Don´t let people underestimate you... Yes you can do it and now this is my story...

Play Ball!

I am 12 years old and my name is Leah by the way. I have been for my entire life underestimated, and underappreciated. I play baseball not softball baseball. All boys! I am really better than most of the boys on my team. When I first started baseball in AAA it was a bit sketchy.


I started baseball with all boys in AAA. I was a catcher. My coach would bench me 2 innings each game out of 6 innings until one practice... I caught the biggest hardest grounder the coach could hit! The boys thought I was dead but after I caught that... They finally let me join in on the fun the boys would have! This season is a different story...

My position...

This season I would love to play catcher. I was the star catcher on my baseball team last year and would let no balls get passed me. The other backup catcher Eli would though. My coach this year puts me in left field no balls get hit out there.

My dream some day...

Someday I want to be the first woman in the M.L.B. My coach every year says oh well maybe or sometime or not today. Some of my teammates gave up but not this girl! For so long girls and women had to work 2x harder than boys to even be considered OK to do things. For too long women have been discriminated and because of my willingness to help out women in this crazy world I am willing to work harder, push myself more than anyone else, and maybe it will cause blood sweat and tears but it is to fight for equal rights.

Hand shake.. For Equality!

You know what? I will do it I will practice harder than any other boy or person on my team. Ya! Hear me ROAR! Because I can do it I will fight for my position and for women to be equal.


Boom! Leah... Out...


Ya I did that!


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