Refresh, Renew, Revitalize Summer 2017 Apple Rollout

Capital override 3 years ago we purchased technology, now we have the opportunity to refresh our current devices.
Updating cables for SMART Boards, replacing transformers for audio, replacing battery backups, and updating our network to meet the needs of all this new technology.
Equity for all students-all have access to the latest technology
AESD LCIP Goal 2: Support LEA & Site Leadership Strategy 2: Programs/Resources Focused on Learning and the 5-year strategic plan Goal 2 Whole Child. G2.C Score Card metric 17
$10 Million Project with the buy-back and new purchase
Teacher-13 inch MacBook Air & iPad Air 2, Student-11 inch MacBook Air & iPad Air 2, Admins-13 inch MacBook Pro Air & iPad Air 2, Apple TV in all classrooms

Carts Per School

iPAD Cart distribution

Device Ratio

The plan is to collect all 6,500 OS devices and 3,800 iOS devices from Admins, Teachers, & Students. Collect teacher iPads the week of May 15.

Items teachers are responsible for

MacBook Pro, power cord $45 for 60w & $65 for 85w

iPad, charging block $30.00 with cord $21.00, iPad case $30.00

At this time we only repair items covered under warranty

Timeline May 19- School collects teacher computer from non-returning. June-collect student devices. July refresh all student laptop devices. July/August refresh all Admin and teacher devices.

Hold back 10 per school for Take Home Computer Program, 10 for guest teachers, 10 for AOK, and small amount for school use.

Apple Classroom & Google for Education Fall 2017


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