The Silk Road By Tatiana Moroz

Keep The Faith

2017 | Folk

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"There was a man who did the unspoken. — He looked for freedom from the violence. — No one is perfect when there’s new ground broken. — A mess is made and someone gets blamed."


  • The album cover for Keep The Faith was drawn by Ross Ulbricht, the man this song is about.
  • Tatiana is a singer/songwriter and bitcoin activist who pioneered the use of crypto as an independent artist.
  • For info about Ross visit here:
  • Check out Tatiana here:


Luke Tatum

As I absored this song for the first time, all I could think about was Ross Ulbricht. I'm sure that's intended. It's a sad story most of you have already heard, and the song captures it beautifully. "This ain't the movies, there's a war in the streets. The innocent are in jail. We pray for justice and we want to be free, and hope the truth will prevail." There really aren't a great number of lyrics here, and yet they speak volumes. Great songwriting. #FreeRoss

Sherry Voluntary

Any feeling, thinking person who gets familiar with the case of Ross Ulbricht, will be touched by the complete injustice of it. As Ms. Moroz states in her beautiful tribute, “this ain’t the movies, there’s a war in the streets.” This war is a war between The State, and every individual in this country, for control of your mind and life. The masses sleepwalk through the day, telling themselves comforting lies about the virtues and superiority of the american “justice system”. Using phrases like, “there’s nothing we can do about innocent people going to jail,” or, “do the crime do the time!” This flippant and apathetic mentality allows the police and courts to run roughshod over people’s rights. Of course, we can never stop all injustice, but we can stop locking people in rape cages for non-violent “crimes”. The upright-standing apes that spew such dismissive drivel about crime and time never bother to ask whether the “crime” is legitimate, or if the time in question is just or reasonable. The american prison population utterly dwarfs the rest of the world, with the number of those in pre-trial detention being more than many countries have in their prisons and jails combined. Many of those being non-violent “drug crimes” offenders. There is nothing just about this justice system. It is riddled with egregious conflicts of interest and outright corruption. Unfortunately, Ross Ulbricht's case is just one magnificently repugnant example of so many of the injustices of the “justice system”. The fastest way to affect the level of freedom in this country would be to end the drug war and release all non-violent “criminals.” #FreeRoss

Nicky P

It's incredibly difficult to think about Ross. I always come back to the fact that he's a guy my age, who found this beautiful thing in freedom and thought he could make the world a better place. He is the most heinous example of the state making an example of someone. Despite piles of evidence to the contrary he was given multiple life sentences for crimes that for all intents weer made up whole clothe. It's not hyperbole that when i put my daughter down for bed I think about Ross who's never going to get the life I enjoy and frankly is far more deserving of it. This travesty should be shouted from the rooftops to anyone who can here. #freeross (third time’s the charm.)

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