Robert Alexander a Visual Cover Letter

Age Quod Agis - "Do Well Whatever You Do"

This statement is the guiding force in my life and is my personal Mission Statement. It is the motto of my high school, and I have taken it to heart. I am passionate about excelling in whatever I do, whether that is making dinner or working on multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.

I received a BS in Marketing from Portland State in December of 2012; but let's be honest, my degree does not show my intellect or knowledge of marketing. It shows that I have the fortitude and work ethic to finish the things I start and do them well from beginning to end. I said, "I would never go back to school".... but more about that later.

After graduating, I got a job a Nike's employee store in Beaverton. During my time at Nike, I learned product and visual merchandising, customer service, and the importance of Brand continuity in a retail setting. This experience penetrates and influences my thought process and analysis in every aspect of what I do. I continually ask myself "How does this affect the customer's experience?"

Me and Mickey

The two years working at iHeartMedia were some of the best times of my life. As you can imagine, a radio station is a fast-paced and somewhat chaotic working environment. I thrived off the energy and enjoyed the creative people with whom I worked. In this position, I learned how to communicate, manage cross-functional teams, conduct market research, and how to tell a story using sales and marketing data.

After two years at iHeartMedia, my role came to a natural end. Career advancement would have meant outside sales (cold-calling) and that is not my personality. My fiancé (now wife) was graduating at the same time so we decided to travel while we were still young instead of waiting until we could barely walk up the Spanish Steps in Rome (see below). This really is the Spanish Steps at 6:30am. Jetlag is a great / terrible thing depending on how you embrace it.

European Traveler

3 Months 12 Countries

Video Diary of Austria

Tosoh Quartz

Upon my return from Europe I got a job a Tosho Quartz as a Sales and Marketing Analyst. I worked at Tosoh Quartz for just over a year. In that time, I honed my analytical skills and management of sales operations.

For the past year and a half I have worked at Lam Research as a Buyer. I have learned the importance of a properly managed supply chain and how important it is to the overall success and growth of a company. I will bring what I have learned from Lam's failures and apply it to Salt and Straw's growing supply chain.

Two years ago I decided to return to school to get my MBA. For two years I worked 45+ hours per week and attended school or did homework for another 40+ hours. During this period I was tested academically, mentally, and physically but I grew more in the span of 2 years than I would have in 15 without this experience. Nothing else I will do in my life will compare to the stress I was under during this period which gives me the confidence that I can perform any task in any role. Give me a challenge and I will exceed your expectations. I became the leader I am today because of this program and the experiences it provided.

This is my wife, the love of my life and the reason I wake up in the morning. She pushes me to test my limits and that includes professionally. For these reasons, I enjoy spending time with her. I expect that my career will allow me be able to see her in the sunlight..... at least during the spring and summer months.

Volunteer Work

Mae Kok Foundation

In the summer after my sophomore year of college, I was fortunate enough to go to Thailand with International Student Volunteers (ISV). To test myself and get out of my comfort zone, I chose Thailand as my destination country. I had no prior knowledge or understanding of the country or culture. I was sent to MFK or Mae Kok Foundation. The above picture was taken during one of the English lessons I taught there. I have returned twice to see the children I created amazing bonds with over the time I have spent there. I grew close to the director of the foundation who I am still in contact with and even call her "Mom".

Recreation / Free-time

Timberline to Meadows Hike

Being a native Oregonian, the outdoors are an important part of my life. I get outside as much as I can but I also love to watch movies and TV, I can binge Netflix with the best of them.


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