Entrepreneurship Building my studio

Recording Studio

Naming Company: My company Name will be Wilson Audio And will have all the Copyright and documentation with the building.

The beginning: I will need to try and come up with a base price for the project and im willing to spend upwards of $80,000.

Gear: starting prices for working and construction I have set aside around $40,000 to complete. Half of my projected price and still small for a studio. This will include the Building area, different walls and parts to the wall, Labor, Framing area, electrics and wiring and lighting.Another aspect of the project is the feel of the room. Once the room is complete with the construction I want to add the gear and furniture. This would include Couches, decor, Lighting, and any other accessories.Gear: Comes in around $35,000 including: Instruments,Computer, Cables, Stands, Mics, Monitors, Power,

Atlanta Georgia

Location: I want to base my operations out of Atlanta Georgia as its a big city but not out of price range and is growing exponentially. along with a cheaper living and renting total for my expenses compared to Chicago, LA, or New York.

Instruments: working with different artists will require different instruments to use; guitars, basses, pianos and drums.

* adding different drum sets and different cymbals will help drummers with different sounds they like and also help gain a bigger clientele.

Microphones: these are the part of the heart and soul of recording studios and one of the biggest interests in artists for sound. Spending bigger amounts of money on these will help with the quality of production and artist happiness.

Aesthetics: The next step being a big part in the comfort of the artists and musicians. showing a warm and relaxing vibe is essential for the production of good music and art. Furniture and lighting for the suites and accessories.


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