Agriculture Grace Lofquist

First agriculture revolution

The First Agriculture Revolution was around 11,000 years ago. During this time people began to settle and harvest the land. They started to plant crops and raise animals. The advances for the people to settle, they were allowed to observe and experiment on plants. More land could be farmed by less people in fewer hours.

Second Agriculture Revolution

The Second Agriculture Revolution started in 1815. Some new inventions that were invented during this period of time was the plow, Horse collar and seed drill. The inventions that were made allowed farmers to produce more crops which helped increase the population. With helping increase the population it also started the Industrial revolution.

An example of the seed drill.

Third Agriculture revolution

The third agriculture revolution is also called the Green revolution. This agriculture occurred during the 1970s and 1980s. During this period of time new practices were created to help not only the people in the U.S. but all over the world. It was an effort all over the world to help eliminate world hunger. This practice helped farmers produce more than one product at the same time but with the same amount of land that they owned. This revolution had two main ideas: 1. The introduction of new-higher yield seeds. 2. The use of fertilizer. Gas and diesel tractors were invented during this period of time.

Diesel tractor


Genetically modified organisms are a result of laboratory processes where genes from the DNA from one animal/plant are removed and forced into another animal/plant. One of the best selling points would reduce the use of pesticides. It changes the way that farmers use their operation. Pros with GMOs use less chemicals, saves more time, and uses less machinery. Cons of GMOs are people don't know if there safe to eat, there worried they might be linked to allergies.



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