Boudoir Prep Guide The first step in making magic

Booking last minute with no time for prep? It's ok!

These are simply some tips and not an instruction manual.

Step One

Book Your Session

It's the most important part!

Then Schedule Your Consultation

The consultation can be priceless! It gives you the opportunity to get to know me and for me to get to know you. We will discus the look you're going for and make some preliminary decisions on what you're going to wear.

Some Online Shopping Resources

Your choices are definitely not limited to these but I have had some good luck ordering from these sites

Amazon, Torrid, Shein, Yandy

Recommendations from clients and friends

Hips and Curves, Honey Birdette

Thistle and Spire, Agent Provocateur

Unshopping tips

Shopping isn't necessary, we can work with what you have.

Lingerie isn't required. Some of my favorite images were taken with a t-shirt, a button down, an old tank top, a pretty scarf or good old nekked.

Nude doesn't mean you will be completely exposed if you don't wan to be. Posing can keep you as modest as you prefer. Absolutely no pressure from me to take off any more than you want to but know that it's not the wardrobe (or lack of) that makes your image more or less modest. It's the mood, the intent and the pose. I will stay in constant communication with you to make sure we are portraying what you want to portray.

1-2 Months Before

Plan your outfits. If you're purchasing new things, give yourself time to change your mind or exchange sizes. Photo share with me if you're not sure about what to wear.

If you're someone who works out and such things are important to you, maintain your regular maintenance. Now is not the time to add anything intense or new so you aren't likely to injure yourself or be overly sore on photo day.

2-3 Weeks Before

Limit sun exposure. Sunburn and intense tan lines may not be the look you're after. If you missed it in the contract, NO SPRAY TAN! Fake tanning tends to look overly orange on camera.

Get a haircut if necessary. Gather your outfits and accessories.

1 Week Before

Plan for healthy eating. Limit greasy foods and excess salt. Refrain from eating any foods you think you may be sensitive to at all. You'd be surprised how much they could be affecting your skin-tone. Up your H2O!

Begin regular exfoliation and moisturizing.

1-3 Days Before

Stay on that water kick! Moisturizer too!

If you are a waxer, a couple days before is the time but if you haven't waxed before... please don't experiment with it now. Stick to your familiar tried and true methods.

Mani/Pedi time! Treat yourself to a professional appointment or DIY. Choose whatever style you like to highlight your personality but if you ask my opinion, I will always recommend a simple and neutral style. It's more timeless.

Steam or iron any garments that need it and pack all your outfits and accessories.

Try to limit your partying. Alcohol and late nights won't help you feel good and don't help you look your best.

The Day/Night Before

If you work out, consider doing your routine at some point today and make sure to include all your abb and core work.But if that's not your thing, now is not the time to start!

Double check your packed outfits.

Get a good nights sleep.

Avoid any elastic or tight sleepwear. They leave marks.

The Day Of!

Leave yourself enough time to have a relaxed morning and still show up 10 min. before your appointment time.

Have a light breakfast and stick to your normal dose of caffeine.

Repeat your abb and core routine if you have one but no cardio. Shower and shave (shaving right before helps us get those pictures taken before shave rash appears).

Still no tight clothes or elastic. Go commando, no socks or shoes that leave marks.

Bring all your packed outfits.

Do your hair and makeup if you are doing your own.

Bring your makeup essentials with your in case touch ups are needed.

Take a breath and relax.

We are going to have so much fun!