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July 2017

Asian Crosstalk: Putin-Xi meet ahead G20

Global Times


The call from Washington came on the same day as Xi's departure for Moscow, and when juxtaposed like this, the twists and turns in the Sino-US relationship in recent weeks provide a contrast with the long-term stability of China-Russia relations. Perhaps many in China will think the US is an unreliable partner, while China and Russia are true friends.



That message, as Putin and Xi effectively gave to Trump this week, is that American ambitions of world domination are no longer acceptable and no longer tenable.

The Guardian


The joint declaration reflected a broader, ongoing strategic Sino-Russian alignment that has passed largely unremarked in the west. It has been encouraged by Trump’s often erratic, unfocused behaviour, and the resulting opportunities and dangers arising from weakened American global leadership.


Hong Kong

Observers said the two leaders’ call for Washington and Seoul to stop their joint military moves indicated that Beijing and Moscow were creating a counterbalance to the US.



Strategic ties between Russia and China were appraised in glowing terms as Chinese President Xi Jinping wrapped up a two-day state visit to Russia, concluding with at least $10 billion in agreements.


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