Cover Design Hook Your Audience

Learning Targets

  1. Define “illustration.”
  2. Learn about the illustration style of J. J. Krosoczka.
  3. Illustrate the cover of a graphic novel, in the style of the Lunch Lady series by J. J. Krosoczka.

Lunch Lady Series

What do you notice about his style?

The Lunch Lady series by J. J. Krosoczka
  1. Curves
  2. Yellow
  3. Bad guys
  4. Angry fighting face
  5. Lunch Lady uses food-related gadgets

Your Turn

The title and subtitle have already been placed at the top. What is an amoeba?

An amoeba is a microscopic germ that can make people very sick. It is so tiny that you can only see it with a microscope.

If we are going to draw them, we need to know what they look like. What different parts of the amoeba can you see?


Make sure that your name and teacher’s name are written on the back. Then start drawing! Make sure your illustration fills the whole page.

Created By
Noel Newquist


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