Reflection on the Sememster

Everybody is in class in their group working on peer review. We did it to get our peers opinion. By doing this and get their opinions it helps us get better and fix the problems we have writing papers.
In this element she is rewriting her unit paper and going over it. This happened because she wanted to get a better grade. This will help get better at doing papers and also help your grade go up.
In class working on McGraw hill and doing it to get more understanding on grammar and proper writing. This is going to help write better papers and proper sentences.
Working on the unit reflection and telling the professor the struggles I had but also to tell the things that was easy to me. This is going to help understand the things you need to work on in the future.
Doing journals with free time in class using time wisely. Doing journals gets you better at writing and using your time wisely gives you less work to do later.
Getting help from your peer so you can know the things you need to work on. This is going to help you know that you can always ask for help.
At the library studying with a group of friends. This is going to help get better grades and prepare you for test and quizzes.

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