Project 3 - Manufacturing Bilal Anwar

This project consisted of designing and manufacturing products. We also studied the machines involved and the different techniques that were available to us during our project. There were four different machines and many processes involved in bringing our sketches to life. We were introduced to the concept of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA) which are the integration of product design and process planning into one common activity to help reduce cost and increase efficiency.

We had to make three products using four machines. The options were: SLA 3D printer, FDM 3D printer, CO2 laser cutter, and the SRM-20. The 3D printers both use additive manufacturing except the SLA uses resin instead of plastic to build a design. The laser cutter and SRM-20 are both subtractive manufacturing machines which mean they use a material and cut away the desired areas to produce a product. The SRM-20 and the laser cutter both used wood for this particular project.

Design for Manufacturing can be applied to these machines in different ways. For the 3D printers, it can be applied by making sure that the height of your build is a whole multiple of the thickness that the printer can lay out. We can also design our products to print on their larger sides so they don't require as much support and therefore, save plastic. The SRM-20 machine is a good place to improve efficiency. We can use precisely cut pieces of wood instead of having a whole bunch of available pieces that are the same size no matter what the product dimensions are. This way we can save wood and time because we would no longer have to cut away the extra parts from our finished product. The laser cutting process could be improved if everyone cut their designs at the same time and the edges of their products were joined together so that there's only one cut where two would have been needed.

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