Film Poster Analysis By Luke Boulton

Our film poster

Trailer Conventions


The tagline we used, "Lies are spun, the Truth will never be free" is used to give the audience a very ambiguous insight into the premise of the film, ensuring that they are intrigued when they see the poster. Tag lines are used in most film posters and their ambiguity afford themselves to the noir genre. We reference Rosette's alter identity as The Black Widow and how she has spun a web of lies that entrap the truth, tricking everyone into believing her.

Release date

Our film poster doesn't include a release date, this is a typical convention of film posters and could be something to add to improve it. Often film posters will have a release date and will state a phrase that ambiguously nods towards its release i.e. "Coming Soon".


Another convention of a film poster that we depict is the clear, and bold title. We used a font that allowed the title to be obvious and clear, ensuring the audience know the name of the film when they see this poster. We also used a sans-serif font for our title to suggest the film was sophisticated and elegant. Often titles on film posters are in a position that it is not obscured at all, and though ours has smoke over it, it is definitely easy to spot and the first thing you read.

Main image

It is essential that a film poster has an image, but also that the image looks professional and is obvious, without such a feature than the poster is boring and not memorable. Our image relates to the film, as does most film posters, as the webs relate to the tagline and how Rosette spins webs to trick people. The smoke relates to the film as well as it presents the film as mysterious. Furthermore the image looks sophisticated and creative, making the film poster original and unique, this is important so that the poster is memorable. Additionally, image is ambiguous to who/what it is, therefore leaving an enigma for the audience to answer.

Credit Block

Lastly, is the credit block, this is used on most film posters as a quick way to pay credits to the people who made the film. Though this part of the film poster is likely avoided by audiences, this is still important as it offers more information about the film. Also, it comes across as professional as real film posters use this.

Noir Conventions

Main Image

The main image includes an image of a stereotypical femme fatale character. The red lipstick pays homage to the classic noir conventions whereby red connotes love and danger. Whereas, the perfect, immaculate skin portrays the seductive nature of the femme fatale, a character who uses her looks and sexuality to manipulate men. Furthermore, the smoke links to the semantic convention of cigarette smoke within noir, but also it's red colouring links to the red connotations of love and danger that are fundamental to the femme fatale. We conformed to such noir conventions here to ensure that our genre is communicated effectively. Additionally, the image is ambiguous towards who it is, leaving enigmas, this links to the convention within noir where mystery is intrinsic into the narrative of noir films.


Our background is all black, besides the spider webs, this links to the low key lighting that is used in noir films to create a dark and mysterious environment. We also used this to create a sense of what the film is like, by using dark colours it is clear the film will be mysterious and dark. The use of the webs links to the identity of Rosette and how she creates webs, this links to the noir convention that the femme fatale is manipulative as she uses her webs to trap everyone around her.

Font And text

Our tagline and title both use the same font, we used this certain font to conform to particular conventions of noir. After doing research we found that a lot of noir films and Neo-noir films used a specific style of font, we found our own and implemented it. The font connotes elegance and sophistication, but also seduction as the spindly style of the font almost represents the femme fatale, while also being reminiscent of the web that Rosette uses.

Again, film poster

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