Only Abstract Images made using waShing up liquid, oil and Water

About Only Abstract

Only Abstract is a personal project to examine the beauty found within everyday substances, particularly oil and water. Most of the images are of tiny oil bubbles that form on the surface of water. It is a classic example of the beauty of things that do not mix. Believe it or not very little post processing has been used throughout this project, apart from those images that have been stretched, warped or inverted and Photoshop my editor of choice was ideal for this. Please enjoy...

A couple of old t-shirts provided the backdrop for these bubbles

A Pyrex Dish and a Couple of Old T-Shirts

Interestingly, the setup for the image above and below, as with most of the bubble images was incredibly simple. A couple of old t-shirts were placed under a pyrex dish full of water and lllumunated. I'll not give away all of my secrets but a macro lens and tripod are essential.

Oil Bubbles in Water

A Change of Shirt

In order to vary the colours of the bubbles I used different coloured t-shirts. The tiny bubbles seen below are actually less than 2mm in diameter they are tiny!

This image won 'Best of Day' on Pixoto

The Curve of the Pyrex Dish

A streak of light seems to flash through the top four bubbles. This is actually light reflected back from the bottom edges of the Pyrex dish

Oil Bubbles on Water

Sometimes Natural Light is All That's Needed

Believe it or not the image below was shot outdoors in natural bright sunshine, proving that an expensive studio set-up is not necessarily required.

Lit from the side

Photoshop Can Be Extremely Handy!

Photoshop is my image editor of choice and when looking to explore the creative avenues of a image further, it really helped to enhance the image below. The image is actually an invert done from within photoshop. The software was used to create an invert, turning the positive image into a negative image. The image was then brightened up and coloured enhanced.

An inverted image of oil bubbles on water
Oil bubbles on a red and blue background

Turning Bubbles in Abstract Art

By using Photoshop, I was able to experiment with my images and below are examples of how warping and colour enhancing worked to produce abstract art.

A digitally warped version of the bubbles
A warped and colour enhanced version of the bubbles
Abstract Art

Bubblemix Can Be an Amazingly Beautiful Substance!

All of the images below in this set were created by simple bubblemix solution. This is the same type of solution that might be bought for a child so that it can blow bubbles. It's easy to find and available in most good toy stores.

Washing up liquid bubble stretched across wire

Lighting and timing are essential to capture these types of images. The bubble skin or the bubble solution stretched over a wire frame, needs to be positioned carefully so that all of the bright colours are illuminated. The timing is essential because the brightest array of colours always seem to appear just before the bubble pops or the solution bursts from the wire frame. A macro lens is desirable but not essential.

Closeup shot of a washing up liquid bubble
Rainbow colours of a washing up liquid bubble
A macro shot of a bubbble
A closeup of bubbles and colours made by washing up liquid
A disintegrating bubble
Beautiful colours on a bubble
Just before the bubble pops
Amazing colours on the surface of a bubble

Experimenting with video that utilises the Bubblemix

Water Droplets

Water was used to suspend the oil bubbles in the first images. Here the role was reversed and water droplets placed on a skeleton of a leaf. This image was shot in exactly the same way as the oil bubbles at the start, in a Pyrex dish with old t-shirts below to add colour

A skeleton leaf with liquid drops
Abstracted liquid drops on a skeleton leaf
An image of the original skeleton leaf without droplets

Bubbles Are Beautiful!

When captured in the right light and at the right angle, bubbles themselves can be quite beautiful. Notice how the centre of the bubble wand picks up and reflects the colours from above.

Reflections in a bubble

Playing with Washing Up Liquid

The following are images that were created by washing up liquid, or a mix of the two in water. Please see the individual image captions to find out which is which. Hopefully the following images demonstrate that not a lot of expensive equipment or substances are needed to create interesting and colourful patterns.

Shot in natural light, oil on water
Oil on water
A natural light capture of washing up liquid soap suds, colour enhanced
Purple rinse created from washing up liquid bubbles
Golden glow, created from washing up liquid bubbles
Beautiful colours from simple soap suds
Soap Suds
Blacks and whites
Subtle Tones
Bolder Colours

It Just Goes to Show...

It just goes to show that beauty can be found in even the simplest of things. I hope you enjoyed the project and that maybe I've inspired you to try some of your own. 😀👍🏻

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Karyn Easton


www.secretshutter.co.uk email: smile@secretshutter.co.uk Instagram: secret.shutter Twitter: @secretshutter Facebook: /secretshutter

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