Module 3 Discussion WOH 2022 Margaret Valcarcel: group 3

The purpose of the Counter Reformation (Catholic Reformation) was to reeducate the people on the traditional word of the Roman Catholic teachings as well as bring people back to the roots of what the basic values and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church was formed from.

What started from unity of all Catholics in their love and devotion to God...

...evolved into anger and dispute between those who believed in distancing themselves from strict obedience of the Church and those who wanted to grow ever closer...

...this furry blew into bloodshed and war

The two most important factors of the reform movement that you need to know are:

1. few people actually cared about the slight difference in theology, it was the principle

2. this is the cause and starting point of the Protestant/Evangelical Church

This event in history effected the world. The creation of the Protestant/Evangelical Church and the hundreds of thousands of lost lives in the name of religion has forever left a mark on the timeline of religion and caused a ripple effect that was felt through the ages to come. Most notably the changes in the language and imagery of how to love God were transformed and are still seen in each branches practices today.
In todays time and age, these same basic principles of disagreement can be seen. One that many people are familiar with is the Popes stance on the LGBT group and same sex marriage. The Pope has called for tolerance and love, which has caused some disagreements. Those who are distanced from the orthodox ways are supportive of this stance, while those who are more aligned with extreme traditional values have varied negative thoughts about the Popes stance. Some of the more orthodox followers have expressed extreme outrage and have protested the Pope and those who are more lenient on the "word of the Lord". This has causes varying degrees of social upheaval across all parties.


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