Nahanni National Park By: Basam, Kirollos, and Layla

Virginia Falls

History of Nahanni N.P

  • Nahanni National Park was established in 1972 by Pierre Trudeau (reserve status for the Dehcho First Nations)
  • Nahanni became very popular, and was protected by hydroelectric development
  • Nahanni N.P became a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978
  • Nahanni N.P was expanded 2009 to 30, 000 km squared from 5, 000 km squared owning 90% of Nahanni watershed (to prevent mining in the sensitive land)
The Nahanni N.P borders

Recreational Activities

The Beautiful Scenery of Nahanni and some of its exciting activities
  • Canoeing/Kayaking - The South Nahanni River
  • Hiking - Many trails such as the Deh Cho Trail are there to provide a wonderful hiking experience

Biking - The Rigged terain offers a spectrum of biking activities to fully experience the outdoors like never before.

Fishing - The South Nahanni River is a great source of fishing. Trout, Pike and Whitefish are common species that are found in the river


Physical Features Of Nahanni

  • mostly made up of rocky plateaus, rolling hills, broad depressions, and incised river valleys
  • mountains of Nahanni are made up of sedimentary rock, with a little bit of igneous rock at their tips
  • "carved" by three things: deposition of sediment in the Paleozoic era, deformation of the rocks caused by continental drift, and finally glaciation.
  • home to some of the world's finest karst formations, which can be found in the mountains made of limestone, a very carbonate, rich rock, which is the reason behind the formations
  • home to the south Nahanni river which passes through numerous canyons, cave systems, and rugged mountains

Flora and Fauna at Nahanni

  • located in the boreal forest vegetation region (alpine tundra and lowland wet areas can be found in the park as well)
  • about 600 species of plants have been found in Nahanni
  • plants at higher elevations include many types of shrubs and alpine vegetation, while plants at lower elevations mostly consist of trees such as white and black spruce, balsam poplar, white birch, and lodgepole pine.
  • soil in the park has many mineral components to it
  • home to over 40 different mammals, about 160 types of birds, and 16 fish species


  • cold continental climate, due to its location
  • receives a lot of precipitation in the summers (100-150 mm in short periods of time), and almost none in the winters (15 mm overall)
  • annual precipitation adds up to around 562mm
  • mild summers, extreme winters (sometimes with temperatures reaching down to -46° Celsius)
  • Temperatures increase/decrease with changes in elevation

The Threat of Mining

Location of Prairie Creek Mine
  • Prairie Creek Mine, bought by the Canadian Zinc Corporation, it is an issue for the Park and the Environment
  • Prairie Creek Mine is 15km from Nahanni park
  • They plan on building 80 km road through the karst landscape, the road will affect the sensitive land
  • Unstable landscape, Nahanni is prone to earthquakes and floods, meaning it is a high risk for mine development
  • Toxic and Heavy Metals are stored in the mine site, since the mine is directly beside the Nahanni river, the downstream environment shall be poisoned and contaminated

Potential Animals Affected

  • Mountain Caribou: Red-stone herd shall overlap mine in migration (between 5, 000 to 10, 000 caribou)
  • Boreal Caribou: Mining activities will overlap on Caribou grounds, causing them to leave their habitat and find a new home

Fact: Only 14% of watershed is protected from mining activity

Solution to Mining

There are three main steps the Government is taking to ensure safety of the Nahanni National Park Reserve along with all the northern mines in Canada.

  1. Improved regulations, minimize their impacts on the land, and mine closure and remediation have come a long way since mining’s early days.
  2. Improved Industry-led initiatives, technological innovations
  3. Environmental Stewardship
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