A little about me Proud husband, Father and Soldier

I am African American or black heterosexual male from Philadelphia, PA and yes I am a die hard Eagles fan. I have been married for 10yrs and have a 12yr old son. I pride myself on being a family man and everything I do is for them.

I am a proud Soldier who has willingly served his country for 18yrs, with multiple deployments and have had the pleasure of visiting over 22 different countries thus far. I have been fortunate in be able to let my son see the world and experience different cultures. This is important so he understands not only where his ancestry came from, but also to allow him to understand how other nationalities and ethnicities also come from. I have raised my son to be open minded and considerate of all people not matter the color of their skin or the gender they associate with.

I have always strived to be the best I can be and set examples for my son to follow. I want him to know that whatever he believes he can achieve.

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