Teaming Methods ZAVEON EMERSON, JANVI SHAH, Melvin manoj, olivia williams


The six thinking hats focuses on different skills and you should make your team with one of each skill as one helps the other thus you will have a well made and effective team. The MBTI is about personality type is to understand and appreciate differences between people. When you form your teams you want to get in a group with people whose personality goes hand and hand with yours meaning they fit.

B-Theoretical advantages or benefits of heterogeneous teams

Diverse thinking and better performance with complex tasks.

C-Theoretical disadvantages or challenges for heterogeneous team

Personalities may clash causing problems. Agreements may be difficult as everybody has different ideas.

D-When would using these methods still be useful?

The Meyers personality would be useful in homogeneous groups because you wont to know peoples personality so you get with people that are different but similar to you. The 6 thinking hats would be sueful if your goal was to get where everyone used there specified skill to met a set of requirmenents

E-When would these methods of forming teams NOT be as useful?

this wouldn't work with big groups because there are only so many skills and personalities and when you have to many of the same one no one will feel like they have a specific role in the group making them not wont work.

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