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“the environment we provide for them has a crucial impact on the way the child’s brain develops” Strong-Wilson & Ellis, 2007

Dendrites Grow When Students Are In Control

"The things I love about Mrs Miller and Mrs Leach's class is that they have multiple avenues to reach the strengths of each child. Their class is very interactive and I have witnessed the kids functioning and thriving. They all have different stations and responsibilities at different points through out the day and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I am amazed at how Mrs Miller and Mrs. Leach have given these students an abundance of resources and allowed the kids to make choices, be creative and do what they need to do in the way that is best for them. My daughter loves her teachers so much and gets very excited about many projects and activities they do. I would love for my child to have this experience and environment in the future as well. Every Child learns differently and Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Leach provide an environment that provides different methods that encourage, excite and allow each child to thrive."

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TJ Miller-Leach

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