Campus Healthy Dining Guide With so many different dining options on campus, it can become a little overwhelming when trying to choose where to go to find healthy options. Luckily for you, we've complied a list of healthy options for anywhere you decide to grab a bite.

Basic tips about healthy eating:

1. eating healthy doesn't mean all or nothing. combine healthier options with something you enjoy eating or try eating smaller portions of your favorite foods.
2. remember - one meal isn't going to define whether you eat healthy or not. indulging in a milkshake and fries every once in a while is not going to ruin your diet or your health. instead, look at your daily habits and see where you need to make small changes.
3. one way to really cut calories is by watching what you drink. every 12 oz soda or sweetened beverage usually has the equivalence of about 10 teaspoons of sugar. even juice, sport drinks, and specialty sweet teas can be full of sugar and empty calories. try to choose sugar-free drinks, unsweetened teas and coffees, or simply water with meals in order to decrease your sugar intake.
4. starting a meal with a salad or soup is a great way to increase your vegetable consumption and can help you control your portion size of other items.
5. sauces, full-fat salad dressings, desserts, and sides such as french fries are usually the culprit for calorie overload. opt for sauces and dressings that have lower calories and are fat-free. enjoy them on the side and try to dip your fork in the dressing instead of pouring it over your meal.
6. try to have at least one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables with every meal. an easy way to do this is by getting a side salad or vegetable-based soup with your meal. getting fruit as a side is also an option for most dining places, and all of the convenience stores on campus offer fresh fruit.
7. being too restrictive with your eating can be dangerous. restricting or only eating certain foods can lead to disordered eating patterns that are hard to break. incorporate a variety of foods into your diet. mainly, stick with lean proteins, whole grains, a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats.
A map to showcase where each dining location is on campus.

Dining locations, listed in alphabetical order:

Quick note: the "heart healthy" label used here is based off the American Heart Association's recommendation to include whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, low-dairy products, nuts and legumes, and fruits and vegetables for a heart healthy diet. The "heart healthy" label is used to indicate food choices that contain some or all of the heart healthy items. For individuals with cardiac conditions please seek a physician's advice on which foods are beneficial to your personal health.

Please also note that the label "fewer calories" is meant to identify the food item choices with fewer calories than others on the menu. This label should not be translated to reflect the FDA definition of "low calorie" foods.

arredondo cafe

Reitz Union, 4th floor

the menu rotates daily so we could not highlight certain meals. however, the key to keeping your meal healthy while dining here is to focus on filling most of your plate with the vegetable options. then, choose smaller portions of lean proteins and grains. start with a salad and/or soup to help you feel satisfied sooner. try to avoid over-eating by taking time to enjoy your meal and the view that the cafe offers.

au bon pain

Newell Hall

recommended breakfast options:
  • Egg whites, cheddar, & avocado on a skinny wheat bagel - 360 Cal (heart healthy) / If ordered without avocado it would be 210 Cal
  • Hot oatmeal - 170 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Smoked salmon wasabi on a skinny wheat bagel - 370 Cal (heart healthy)
recommended lunch/dinner options:
  • Vegetarian Deluxe salad - 350 Cal (vegan & low calorie)
  • Thai peanut chicken salad - 390 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Tuna salad sandwich 480 Cal - (high protein, 36 g)
  • Harvest turkey salad - 470 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Veggie & hummus wrap - 540 Cal (heart healthy & vegetarian)

boar's head deli

Little Hall Express

as with any customizable sandwich - it's all about what you decide to put inside of it. layer up your sandwich with vegetables and cut back on condiments. also, switch out white bread for whole wheat or whole grain options. if you are watching your fat and calories, avoid adding extra meat or bacon. if you enjoy having a side along with your sandwich, grab some fruit or opt for baked chips over the original fried ones.
recommended meat options:
  • No salt added turkey breast - 70 Cal (low sodium, 55 mg per 2 oz)
  • Golden Classic chicken breast 42 % less sodium - 60 Cal (good source of protein, 12 g per 2 oz)

Camellia court cafe

UF Cultural Plaza

Recommended options:
  • Minestrone soup - 150 Cal for a cup, 190 Cal for a bowl (fewer calories)
  • Turkey burger, add avocado - 400 Cal (heart healthy) / if wanting to add a side of roasted veggies add 165 Cal, or a side of fruit add 80 Cal
  • Chicken, spinach, and feta panini - 500 Cal (high protein, 34 g)
  • Half of a classic Cobb salad, dressing on the side - 230 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Roasted vegetable wrap - 410 Cal (vegetarian & heart healthy) / add a side of fruit - 80 Cal


The Hub, Sun Terrace & Health Science Center @ Shands, Broward Dining Center

An easy way to stay healthy at chick-fil-a is to choose the grilled chicken options. also substitute fries for a fruit cup, side salad, or small soup.
Recommended breakfast options:
  • Egg white grill - 290 Cal (fewer calories & high protein, 26 g)
  • Bacon, egg, and cheese muffin - 300 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Sunflower multigrain bagel - 290 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Greek yogurt parfait - 280 Cal (low sodium, 85 mg)
  • Fruit cup - 60 Cal (fewer calories & low sodium, 0 mg)
Recommended entrees:
  • Grilled chicken sandwich - 320 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Grilled nuggets, 12 count - 200 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Grilled cool wrap - 350 Cal (high protein, 42 g)
  • Market salad, dressing on the side - 250 Cal (heart healthy)
Recommended sides:
  • Side salad - 160 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Kale crunch salad - 120 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Chicken noodle soup - 120 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Fruit cup - 60 Cal (low sodium, 0 mg)
recommended sauces:
  • Zesty buffalo - 25 Cal
  • Sweet & spicy sriracha, honey mustard, & BBQ - 45 Cal
  • Light Italian dressing - 25 Cal
  • Fat-free honey mustard dressing - 90 Cal
  • Light balsamic vinaigrette - 80 Cal

Convenience stores: chomp it, chomp & go, P.o.d. market

Hough Hall, Pugh Hall, Gator Corner Dining, Levin College of Law, Racquet Club Dining, Little Hall Express, Beaty Towersm Rawlings Plaza, Reitz Union, The Hub

These stores offer ready-to-eat, whole wheat, low-fat sandwiches and pre-cut fruit bowls that are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. they also offer salads and light dressings. grab some greek yogurt or low-fat milk to get your calcium intake, if needed. they also offer grab-n-go protein packs which are great too.

croutons handcrafted salads

Reitz Union, 1st Floor, food court

the perfect place to go to fill up on veggies! going with any one of their signature salads are a fine choice, just remember to ask for the dressing on the side - or opt to create your own salad. choose a variety of vegetables, add nuts and seeds, throw in some fruits if you'd like, and top it off with your choice of protein.
recommended signature salad options:
  • Veggie-tastic salad - around 200 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Going Greek salad - around 400 Cal (heart healthy)

Einstein Bros. bagels

Sun Terrace & Health Science Center @ Shands, Veterinary Medicine

although bagels are delicious (and einstein bros. sure know how to make them extra amazing) bagels pack a lot of calories. a simple way to reduce the number of calories while grabbing a bite here is to swap out a regular bagel for a thin bagel. also, choose shmears with less calories.
recommended breakfast options:
  • Egg white, bacon, avocado, & tomato, thin bagel - 410 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Southwest egg white, thin bagel - 400 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 24 g)
  • Any thin bagel - 190 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Fruit cup - 50 Cal (low sodium, 0 mg)
recommended shmears & spreads:
  • Plain reduced-fat whipped cream cheese - 100 Cal
  • Country pepper whipped cream cheese - 40 Cal
  • Natural strawberry jelly - 28 Cal
  • Natural peanut butter - 43 Cal
  • Hummus - 43 Cal
recommended lunch options:
  • Hummus veg out on ancient grain - 410 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Nova lox & bagel - 480 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Tuna salad without bread - 240 Cal (fewer calories)

firehouse subs

Turlington Plaza

Most Firehouse subs are served "fully loaded" which includes lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, & mustard. to ensure that you are not going to be overloaded with calories, ask for the condiments to be spread on lightly or to just have packets on the side.
recommended options:
  • Firehouse chopped salad with grilled chicken - 380 Cal (high protein, 57 g)
  • Firehouse chopped salad, no meat - 130 Cal (fewer calories & less sodium [not low sodium], 290 mg)
  • Smoked turkey breast filled with veggies on whole wheat, medium - 680 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Grilled chicken breast filled with veggies on whole wheat, medium - 720 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 43 g)
  • Chicken noodle soup, 10 oz - 120 Cal (fewer calories)

fresh food company

Broward Dining Center

although certain items on the menu changes daily, we've made recommendations based off what is usually seen in the dining hall. generally, it is good to stick with lean protein options, whole grains, a lot of vegetables and fruits, and include some low-fat dairy.
recommended breakfast options:
  • Oatmeal with fruits - 110 Cal (fewer calories & low sodium, 5 mg)
  • Egg whites omelet loaded with veggies - 200 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 20 g)
  • Farmer's breakfast bowl - 390 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 23 g)
recommended lunch options:
  • Garden burger - 270 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Turkey burger - 360 Cal (high protein, 22 g)
  • Blackened chicken - 160 Cal (fewer calories & high protein, 29 g)
  • Baked fish of the day - 120-200 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Vegetable soup - 70 Cal (fewer calories)
recommended dinner options:
  • Oven-roasted chicken - 200-250 Cal (high protein, 29 g)
  • Roasted vegetables - 35-90 Cal (fewer calories & low sodium, 50 mg)
  • Roasted pork - 170 Cal (high protein, 25 g)
  • Vegetable fried rice - 180 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Grilled salmon - 140 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Sofrito black beans & rice - 190 Cal (heart healthy & low sodium, 115 mg)

gator corner dining

Gator Corner Dining Center

gator corner is very similar to the fresh food company in that it is a dining hall that rotates its menu daily. we've made recommendations based off of what is usually seen on a weekly basis. it is always a good idea to start with a salad and/or soup to fill up of veggies. gator corner also offers fresh smoothies every weekday, which is a great way to get your daily serving of fruits.
recommended breakfast options:
  • Omelet (either whole egg or egg whites), loaded with veggies, ham, & cheese - 320 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 26 g)
  • Turmeric tofu scramble - 120 Cal (vgean & heart healthy)
  • Hot oatmeal topped with fruits - 120 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
recommended lunch options:
  • Gardenburger(R) black bean veggie bruger - 270 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Vegan stir fry - 240 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Vegetable bean soup - 90 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Rotisserie/baked chicken - 220-270 Cal (high protein, 29 g)
  • Freshly steamed or roasted veggies - 20-60 Cal (fewer calories & low sodium, 20-140 mg)
  • Vegetable medley Rockfish - 130 Cal (heart healthy)
recommended dinner options:
  • Brown rice - 110 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Freshly steamed or roasted veggies - 20-60 Cal (fewer calories & low sodium, 20-140 mg)
  • Meatloaf - 280 Cal (high protein, 24 g)
  • Beef vegetable noodle soup - 100 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Butternut & black bean chili with quinoa - 80 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Oven-roasted pork loin - 180 Cal (high protein, 25 g)

Jamba Juice

Turlington Plaza

recommended smoothies & bowls
  • Orange carrot karma smoothie, 22 oz - 290 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Protein berry workout with soy protein, 22 oz - 390 Cal (high protein, 16 g)
  • Nutty almond butter bowl - 430 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Peachy green goodness bowl - 510 Cal (heart healthy)
recommended food options:
  • Spinach, egg, & cheese breakfast wrap - 240 Cal (fewer calories & high protein, 15 g)
  • Egg white patty, roasted tomato, spinach, & feta breakfast sandwich - 240 Cal (heart healthy)
  • PB & banana toast - 360 Cal

Java City coffee

Engineering Building

in order to avoid consuming empty calories while still getting your caffeine fix, try to stick with plain coffees with little to no added sugars or syrups.
recommended beverages:
  • Plain coffee or organic tea - 0-15 Cal
  • Americano - 10-20 Cal
  • Golden latte, nonfat 12 oz - 180 Cal (low sodium, 97 mg)
  • Fair Trade iced Chai latte, nonfat 12 oz - 135 Cal

KFC Express

Little Hall Express

An easy way to make any sandwich healthier is to leave off mayo and kfc sauce. choose grilled chicken options and enjoy vegetables on the side.
recommended options:
  • Famous bowl, snack size - 270 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Grilled chicken drumstick & thigh with a side of green beans - 255 Cal (high protein, 31 g)
  • House side salad with grilled chicken breast, light Italian dressing on the side - 240 Cal (fewer calories & high protein, 39 g)

moe's southwest grill

Racquet Club Dining Center

when creating your own burrito, bowl, salad, or quesadilla make sure to be specific about your portions. smaller portions of grains and meat with bigger portions of grilled and fresh vegetables can easily lighten up any dish. be aware of extra sauces and cheese.
recommended options:
  • Whole grain tortilla - 300 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Quinoa - 84 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Grilled veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms) - 65 Cal (fewer calories & low sodium, 100 mg)
  • Steak - 104 Cal (high protein, 15 g)
  • Fish - 106 Cal (low sodium, 53 mg)
  • Tofu - 108 Cal (vegan)

opus coffee

UF Health Shands

recommended options:
  • Brewed coffee - 5 Cal
  • Americano - 15 Cal
  • Cafe au Lait - 110 Cal
  • Nonfat, sugar-free vanilla latte - 130 Cal
  • Double espresso Macchiato - 45 Cal
  • Peach pear apricot smoothie, without whipped cream - 130 Cal

panda express

Reitz Union, Sun Terrace & Health Science Center @ Shands

Panda express has certain entrees that showcase a "wok smart" logo by them. these entrees are 250 calories or less, however some are still high in sodium, so just be cautious of that. try to stay clear of battered and fried foods - generally, anything described as "crispy".
recommended options:
  • String bean chicken breast & 3.5 oz brown rice - 330 Cal (high protein, 23 g)
  • Broccoli beef & 3.5 oz brown rice - 360 Cal
  • Potato chicken & veggies - 235 Cal (fewer calories)

Papa John's

Reitz Union, 1st floor, food court

a good way to make your pizza healthier is to top it with more veggies instead of meats. you can also ask for extra sauce instead of extra cheese, or simply just ask for light cheese.
recommended pizzas (based off 1 slice from a medium pizza):
  • Mediterranean veggie - 180 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Chicken & veggie - 180 Cal (good source of protein, 10 g per slice)

pollo tropical

Reitz Union, 1st floor, food court

pollo tropical is known for it's grilled chicken offerings, tropichop bowls, and signature sauces. go for the leaner options of chicken and choose veggies or a salad for your side.
recommended options:
  • 1/4 dark meat chicken without skin - 170 Cal (fewer calories)
  • 2 grilled chicken breasts - 240 Cal (high protein, 58 g)
  • TropiChop with romaine, brown rice & chicken breast, regular size - 500 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Side of green beans - 90 Cal (low sodium, 95 mg)
  • Side of black beans - 180 Cal (heart healthy)

rising roll

Heavener Hall

rising roll offers plenty of salads, sandwiches, and wraps. choose light dressings for the salads and go for the sandwiches on whole grain bread with few condiments.
recommended options:
  • Harvest salad, no dressing - 400 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Chef salad, no dressing - 440 Cal (high protein, 43 g)
  • Albacore tuna salad sandwich, multigrain roll - 600 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Original veggie wrap (gluten free) - 350 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Turkey & pear with goat cheese sandwich, multigrain roll - 600 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 38 g)

salad creations

Sun Terrace & Health Science Center @ Shands

also a perfect place to fill up on veggies and reduce carb intake. you can choose from their signature salad creations, or create your own. load your salad up with colorful veggies, nuts & seeds, fruits, and your choice of protein!
recommended signature salad options:
  • Apple & pecan salad - 290 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Wild Alaskan salmon salad - 450 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Green Goodness salad - 180 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Derby Chicken Cobb salad - 590 Cal (high protein, 44 g)

shake smart

Reitz Union (ground floor), Southwest Rec Center

recommended shakes & smoothies:
  • Strawberry fields shake, no agave - 150 Cal (fewer calories & low sugar content, 9 g)
  • Greens to go smoothie, no agave - 152 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Grammy's goods shake, no agave - 275 Cal (high protein, 35 g)
recommended food options:
  • Smart oats with vanilla protein, blueberry, chia seeds, and PB - 376 Cal (high protein, 22 g & low sugar content, 5 g)
  • Green eggs & turkey breakfast wrap - 498 Cal (high protein, 39 g)
  • Cran-turkey whole wheat wrap - 437 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 38 g)
  • Veggie delight whole wheat wrap - 462 Cal (heart healthy)

starbucks coffee

Harrell Medical Education Building, Levin College of Law, Library West, Little Hall Express, Marston Science Library, Norman Hall Library, Reitz Union, Sun Terrace & Health Science Center @ Shands, The Hub

starbucks is convenient for many people to grab a drink and a quick meal to go. there are many protein rich meals and low-calorie drinks to choose from. try sticking to coffees with little added ingredients such as sugars and syrups.
recommended beverages:
  • Any brewed coffees, black, 16 oz - 5 Cal
  • Any brewed teas, no sugar - 0 Cal
  • Caffe Americano - 15 Cal
  • Cold brew coffee with milk, 16 oz - 35 Cal
recommended Breakfast options:
  • Fresh blueberries and honey Greek yogurt parfait - 240 Cal (low sodium, 100 mg)
  • Reduced-fat turkey bacon & cage-free egg whites sandwich - 230 Cal (fewer calories & high protein, 18 g)
  • Spinach, feta, & cage-free whites wrap - 280 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Egg whites & roasted red pepper sous vide egg bites - 170 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Roasted ham, Swiss, & egg sandwich - 460 Cal (high protein, 21 g)
recommended lunch/dinner options:
  • Chipotle chicken wrap - 470 Cal (high protein, 22 g)
  • Chicken & fig spread sandwich, multigrain bread - 460 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Tomato & Mozzarella sandwich - 350 cal (fewer calories)
  • Any of the egg, apples, cheese, & nuts snack boxes - 320 Cal (high protein, 13 g)
  • Chicken & quinoa protein bowl with black beans and greens - 420 Cal (heart healthy & high protein, 27 g)
  • Grilled chicken & cauliflower tabbouleh salad - 390 Cal (fewer calories)


Rawlings Plaza, Reitz Union, Turlington Plaza, UF Health Shands (food court)

an easy way to eat healthy at subway is to choose the breads with whole grains, fill your sub up with veggies, avoid extra condiments/sauces, and to choose apple sauce for your side over chips or a cookie. if apple sauce isn't your preference, go with baked chips. subway also introduced a line of "fresh fit" subs, which are filled with protein, 2 servings of vegetables, and have 24 grams of whole grains.
recommended breakfast options:
  • Egg & cheese - 380 Cal (fewer calories) / sub egg for egg whites to reduce calories
  • Black forest ham, egg, & cheese - 410 Cal (high protein, 24 g)
recommended lunch/dinner options:
  • Veggie Delite - 200 Cal (heart healthy)
  • Subway Club - 290 Cal (high protein, 24 g)
  • Oven roasted chicken - 270 cal (fewer calories & high protein, 23 g)


Reitz Union (1st floor, food court), UF Health Shands (food court)

like every fast food restaurant - it is best to stick with the grilled chicken options for healthier eating. also substitute your side of fries for a side garden salad or apple bites.
recommended options:
  • Grilled chicken wrap - 300 Cal (fewer calories)
  • Grilled chicken sandwich - 370 Cal (high protein, 34 g)
  • Southwest avocado chicken salad, half - 300 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Apple pecan chicken salad, half - 340 Cal (heart healthy)

wing zone

Reitz Union, ground floor

wings don't always have to be a guilty pleasure. they're not so bad (health wise) when enjoyed in moderation. get your wings plain and have sauce on the side for light dipping.
recommended options:
  • Black bean burger - 320 Cal (fewer calories & heart healthy)
  • Grilled chicken sandwich - 390 Cal (high protein, 31 g)
  • Garden salad add grilled chicken breast, ranch dressing on the side - 350 Cal (fewer calories)
  • 6 original or boneless wings, plain - 480 Cal (high protein, 24-36 g)
recommended sauces:
  • Hot shot - 10 Cal
  • Nuclear habenero - 20 cal
  • Tokyo dragon - 40 Cal
  • Buffalo Bliss - 50 Cal
  • Smokin' Q - 40 Cal

extra resources

This guide has integrated material taken from Gator Dining Services' 2011 dining guide.