Reunited in Zhuhai DukeEngage 2015 Students Return for Graduation

It all began 2 years ago with DukeEngage Zhuhai 2015; by the time this last chapter had come to an end, students on both sides had laughed, danced, challenged themselves, and learned more than just the language.

DukeEngage's team fostered lasting relationships and made lasting impressions. The students of middle school 9 in Zhuhai impacted by DukeEngage share that the program was a source of joy and inspiration to them.

Vanessa, Sharon, Felix, Timothy, and Dennis (5 of the 16 original members of the 2015 program) spent the summer transitioning from their own graduation to that of their former students, who had progressed from 7th to 9th grade.

"My heart is full of so much pride and love for this school, my students, my teammates, the people who have helped us along the way and welcomed us so warmly back." -Vanessa Wu

The experience was a bittersweet final goodbye for the recent Duke Alum as they progress onto their next journey.

Promises fulfilled, farewells bid, and diplomas earned-- this reunion speaks to the full circle of DukeEngage, spanning far past the summer.

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