President Needed Henry arinaga


1. Age of at least 35+

2. Be a citizien of the united states

3. Be a resident of the united states for at least 14 years

4. Born in the United States

Informal qualification:

1. Government experience

2. Money- ability too raise

3. Moderate political belifes

4. Leadership ability- must be able to handle leading a country under extreme stress

JOB ROLE: lead a country of millions of people under extreme stress. Must be able to establish peace and security and not start unnecessary wars for oil in middle east countries. Also must be able too help the country as a whole too flourish and produce its own natural resources. Lastly The Potus must offer secure jobs and good health reforms.

Benefits and pay: The president will be paid in a yearly salary of 400000 US dollars and cannot receive anymore income outside of that. The Potus will be secured at all times and always have a fast pass where ever he or she decides too go.


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