Giraffe By:luke

Hi welcome to my giraffe exhibit today I will be telling you about the perfect habitat for the giraffe. It is important for Each animal to have it's own habitat take a giraffe for example they can't live in the arctic or they would freeze to death because they don't a lot of fur, hair or skin. That is why it is important for every animal to have there own special habitat.

This is where they live.

The giraffe lives in the savanna on the continent of Africa. they a good amount of space with lots of trees. They need lots of trees because they eat shoots & leaves of of trees. They need lots of space so they can run around

They are tall enough to pull shoots & leaves off of trees they also eat grass. Giraffes get water from watering holes, lakes and ponds. To make a good habitat for a giraffe you would need a big space for trees and you would need lots of grass.

Fun Facts:

There lifespan is 25 years long they are also herbivores.


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