Regan Patterson ray_patt x warrior journey log #4 section 41

This week we started using the educational game, Minecraft. I have never used Minecraft before however I understood the gist of it because the boy I babysat all summer loved to play the game. I knew it had to do with building but I was never sure what the ultimate goal was. The tutorial was hard at first only because I wasn’t familiar with using the directional buttons or the tools. Some people in the class fell in love with playing it and got obsessed. Although I am not one of these students, I am also not completely against the game. I would not go on and play in my free time however because I have to play it for class, it is not terrible. It was fun to build something in creative mode it just isn’t something I would do in my free time because honestly I think watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix is a better use of my free time. That being said, I can still see how one would catch an addiction to the game, so it is probably best to steer clear from yet another possible distraction from my workload and only use it for the purposes of this class.

Failure is actually a big part of this game. I failed the second I tried to move at first. It is important to understand the movement and how to build and destroy objects. I build a simple structure that could be seen as a house. It was about 6x8x3 blocks. The only trouble I ran into was just when I tried to put down a block sometimes I accidentally destroyed the existing block. Using failure is essential especially when trying to figure out the game. In the tutorial I fell into random places and went the wrong way many times. I had to use my mistakes to understand where to go and where not to go to complete the tutorial.

Creativity is a habit of mind that is necessary in this game. Creating a structure takes more than just the understanding of tools. Imagining what you want it to look like, where you want it to be, and what the purpose of it may be are all ways to use creativity in Minecraft. My creativity took me to using dark wood on top of a stone foundation and a door with torches on either side. I also put a fence around it and put flowers in front of the fence.

Engagement is also an important habit of mind while using Minecraft. Using engagement is important because you have to use it as an educational tool and stay invested in whatever you may be building. It is great use in creating a visual tool to our writing. This is where the educational part comes into play. We can use Minecraft and build our writing based on how we see, in a sense it helps us visualize our rhetoric in our writing.

We also had several readings. The first one talked about planning and re-planning. This discussed using an outline and while you are writing the paper, revise the outline based on the direction that the writing is taking you. The reading said that having to rewrite is no issue and to take feedback as an opportunity and learn from failure. For example, Fitzgerald took the feedback from his first copy of The Great Gatsby and rewrote it into a masterpiece. This shows that good things come can come from mistakes and rewrites. We can always learn from our mistakes and that is why revising is so important.


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