Country participation in summer olympics By Martina Reynaud

In math, we had to do a project were we had to pick a topic that interested us that showed a change over time with at least 15 data points. Then we had to graph it. For this project I choose to see how many countries have participated at the summer Olympics during time. I choose this topic because it interests me and I was curious of the changes in time.

Original Graph (1928-2016)
Graph with out best lines of fit

During WW2 both Olympics were cancelled so obviously there were no countries that participated.

Years: 1940-1944
Line of best fit (1st section)
Line of best fit (2nd section)
Years: 1956-1980
Best line of fit (3rd section)
Years: 1984-2016
Full graph with best lines of fit+prediction and limit

My overall best line of fit shows that in about 100 years 420 countries will participate at the Olympics, the thing is that there are about 257 countries in the world. Of course we don't know if by that time there will be more countries. So my prediction excluding my best line of fit is that if there are not going to be any more countries, the maximum countries participating will be 257. We have to keep in mind that in some years there might be conflicts between countries and be no Olympics at all like during WW2. Or like in the 1980s due to conflicts between USA and the Soviet Union, USA decided not to participate and most of their allies followed. Because of this 65 countries refused to participate. In conclusion, people in the future might stop doing sport and become less attracted to the idea of the Olympics.

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