Museums revisited Museum projects branching out

1. A virtual visit to the Science Museum in London, with a special attention for the Robots exhibition
Past, Present and Future
2. With special thanks to : Lia (Romania) and Dominique (Belgium)
3. Challenging Web 2.0 tasks for the visitors around the 3 C's : Communication, Collaboration and Creativity
4. Logbook :
  • : general questions about the museum
  • : general questions about robots
  • Nine events planned : personal / collaborative input
  • Go back to the homepage : personal / collaborative input
5. Support :
The tasks will be fulfilled at school or at home on the computer.
6. Online Tools :
  • Communication : Thinglink and eTwinning
  • Creativity : Voki, Biteable and Artsteps,
  • Collaboration : Google Docs and Trello
Now it iss your turn
7. Assessment

a/ On the forum of the eTwinning platform, the students have to give tips and tricks to improve each others' work. After the presentation of the thinglink page, there is a quiz to evaluate the final task and give feedback. b/ The teacher/coach has a list of the tasks and marks them.

Let's give each other a hand
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