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What Is Geography? Geography is a study of Earth, People, and their interaction.

In the first place, Earth has many physical features. In Geography we are learning about all the continents like Asia, or Australia, and even Antarctica, and the people that live there. We will also be learning about bodies of water like oceans, lakes, and also streams. In addition people study maps and where places are on Earth. People do this because when they're talking about places like states, cities, and continents too, they both know what they're talking about, and it gives them a sense of direction. Also we are learning about interaction that people have with Earth. For example people in Alaska where warmer clothes and go fishing for food V.S. in the Amazon people don't have to wear that many clothes and they would get their food from the trees. In conclusion, Geography is really important because it teaches us how people and different things relate to Earth.

Global wormeming is bad therefore it would melt the earth!


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