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My name is Theresa Bonello. I'm a Toronto filmmaker and I have an idea for a documentary series. Each episode will have a story about someone who ran away.

Jasmine is helping her daughter care for her 4 year old son

Meet Jasmine, 60 years old, mother of 2 and grandmother of 3. She has a relationship with her daughter now but it wasn't always this way. In 1975 when Jasmine's children were 7 and 4 she made the bold choice to run away. Leave her children, her husband her home and her life, for good, essentially disappearing for the next 11 years. What circumstances lead her to this decision? How did it effect the relationships with her family and friends? How does she feel about it now? We'll hear from Jasmine, her children, her then husband, family and friends. Her story is just one in millions, what makes hers different is her choice to abandon those she cared most for.

Have you ever run away?

How old were you? Are you on the run now? From what? Who was affected by your choice and how? What were you hoping for? How did it turn out (or is it turning out)?

I WANT YOUR STORIES, long ones, short ones, sad ones, funny ones, tragic ones, your own story, your son's, brother's, father's, mother's or friend's story. You can email me at or use Facebook mail.

If we chose your story you'll hear from the producers of Runaway.

Get writing!

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