My life By:sairY Garcia

Hi my name is sairy I'm 12 years old I'm from Honduras San Pedro sulaI move from Honduras to USA on 2014 it's was hard to leave my family and friends

I speak 3 languages Spanish,English,Garifuna I'm garifuna and I'm proud of my culture my culture have a dance call punta

My favorite animals are Huskey ,and Bunny

Favorite color is purple

My friends are jova,jeferson,Naye lis,yanelis,Natali,emely,Charlene,samer,lauren

My favorite food is Rice and chicken,and plantain cuz the what we most eat 🍗🐔

My favorite shoes are Nike

My favorite sudject is technology

My favorite movie is twilight I like twilight because is romantic and it have Drama on it

My favorite teacher are all the teacher


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