Dominican Republic Febuari 2017

This is a part of our love story.

It all started on October 28 when we met again. We know each other from high school, but we were to afraid to talk to each other.

When we saw each other again it was love at first sight!

Now we have the most greatest family you can have. We got 4 lovely kids who love each other what makes us really happy.

Valentine's day 2015 Michael posted this massage and told Marieke that it's a promise;

I would like to make you πŸ’ me! Make you πŸ˜ƒ. Take you by 🚲 or 🚘 or ✈️ to nice πŸŒ‡.Starting a new πŸ‘ͺ. Be happy and get πŸ‘°. To have are own love 🏩 or 🏑. And to love you with all my ❀️ and growing πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅together! Would you be my valentine?πŸ’˜πŸ’

Now we are more than 2 years further.

-We are still in love.

-We traveled by bike and car.

-We bought a house

This is our Holliday by plain to the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana. Just the two of us "quality time" and enjoying each other.

Now we only got 2 more things of ou bucketlist to do. When that will happen....?the future will know.

We wake up at 03:30 to go to the airport in DΓΌsseldorf. When we arrived at the airport we had a delay of 3 hours, but still happy too go on holiday.

Punta Cana by air.


Today we go on the buggy safari..........

Local market how makes en sales coffee and thee fresh from there lands.

Coffee bean

In the caves off......

At the end off are buggy tour we went to one of the most beautiful beaches of Punta Cana,.........

We make same great pictures with a fhotographer.

After a few days of rest we are going on a excursion to Saona Island............


Natural Pool.......


Than we finally got to Saona Island where the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.....

She is still waiting for Jack Sparrow to come..

On are way back we....... catamaran

Dancing on the boat.

Nice moves...😁

Dominicana pirates

Are last days on the dominion republic

We really loved are vacation
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