Trees by demi van den biggelaar

Trees over the world

There are 10.000 different kinds of trees. Scientist counted all the trees and they found out that over the whole world there are more than 3 billion trees. And you can calculate that there are about 422 trees per person.

At the beginning of the civilisation there were 46% more trees than now. The trees are growing faster. Today the day some trees grow 77% faster than they did in 1960. You have dens forests where you can find almost every square meter a tree.

Where are trees used for

There are many trees we use like the deciduous tree, poplar, willow, elm, beech, oak and many more. There split into 2 different kinds of wood. Hardwood and softwood. But that doesn’t mean the wood is hard or soft.

We use wood from trees to make stuff like furniture, paper, houses, stairs and many other things. But the most beautiful thing we use trees for is decoration. We use it in our front- or backyard. We use trees in amusement parks, just to make it more natural. But also the fruit of the tree as food and in the prehistory to climb in trees for save places when dangerous animals are around.

They gave and still give us shadow and oxygen. We only misuse the trees to chop them down to the ground and don't plant any trees back. That is how we are destroying the jungles and the living areas of the animals and the largest source of oxygen of the world. In Brazil there was a large jungle but almost half of the jungle is gone.

Food from the trees

There are different kinds of trees who attracts different kinds of animals. Some animals don’t eat meat so they eat fruits and nuts from trees, like monkeys. Or you have animals who don’t eat fruits or meat but they eat the leaves of the tree.

Fruittrees are named after the fruits they produce, like an apple tree or pear tree. So you know when you eat a fruit what tree it comes from. Mostly the fruits come from trees.

tree aging

You can count the age of a tree by the rings in the middle of the tree. You never know exactly how old because sometimes the rings are too close to each other. They had a bad year because of forest fires or plagues. If they have a good year with enough water then there will be a bigger space between the rings. Trees can become a hundred years old or even more.

Spectacular tree forms

The form of a tree can be different in many ways. They can be small with the roots in the ground, or the exact opposite. A very big tree with the roots in and above the ground so you can walk or even drive with your car underneath it.

There are in Africa trees that look, like the story goes, that god was so angry that he ripped the trees out of the ground and put them upside down into the ground. You have jungle trees who are higher than skyscrapers. They can grow to a height of 150 to 200 meters. They have lianas hanging against the tree.

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