Book Banning a cause of good or bad?

"Because of books, I'm here today, living again with a purpose, and clarity, most of the time." - Lisa Bu

Unfortunately some people will not get to experience this because, throughout the U.S novels of some degrees are being banned. These novels are being prohibited because teachers, parents, educators, and others believe that some books should be forbid based on their content, and majority voting.

Some disagree, and agree. People say argue that books can show innapropriate things, and have different themes that are not appropriate. Others believe that books have a HUGE educational value, and entertainment.

Lisa Bu is a living example of that. In 2013 she made a Ted Talk of her life, and how reading different parts of literature gave her different qualities, and taught her different things such as being organized, comparing different genres are just some examples

Books also of different genre's are important too. Schools are supposed to encourage creativity, and imagination, and in some situations a book is best suited for that. Also in a simple storybook children can learn grammer, spelling, higher vocabulary, to comprehend and infer, and other life skills. For example me. I read a lot, and it has boosted my spelling, and my comprehension skills.

Books also give real issues that we will need to face in the real world, the University of Florida did a study showing that if children faced these problems at a younger age, they would be more prepared to deal with it when they were older. Some books that present racism is Huckleberry Finn, and How to kill a Mockingbird. However if you have read the books you would know that they present arguments against racism.

On the contrary though some educators and parents belive some books should be banned. They leave bad impressions on a children's mind, and introduces thinsg beyond the children's age level. "Too many books have been leaving bad impressions on young children". - Elizabeth Harper librarian in Ohio, and originator of the Ban Books Petition in Ohio. Save yourself from this fate.

Despite the possibility of dangers, books do great things. They open the world to new ideas, help us discover things about the world, help us spread awareness of important issues, get us asking questions, get us talking- no book should ever be banned because, where else would we have the same amount of power to spark change in the world?

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