the alchemist visual textual essay Vicky Kovesdi P. 4

"One Afternoon, on a visit to his family, he had summoned up the courage to tell his father that he didn't want to become a priest. that he wanted to travel."(11)
In this passage, Santiago finally confronts his father and tells him his longing for travel. He doesn't give into the destructive danger of fear and ignore his true destiny. we should follow in Santiago's footsteps and face anything that comes in the way of accomplishing our dreams to show that fear will not take over our lives and control everything we do. If you can accomplish this you may be able to achieve your personal legend.
"You must understand that love never keeps a man from pursuing his personal legend."(124)
The alchemist and Santiago discuss why real love does not hold you back from pursuing your personal legend. The alchemist tells this to Santiago to try and convince him to follow his personal legend and go with him into the desert. I think that this passage teaches a very strong message that if someone really loves you, they will not hold you back from your dreams for their selfish reasons. Sometimes you need to let things go, like leaves falls from a tree, to help it grow.
"He is doing it because it's what he wants to do."(46)
When Santiago sees a candy merchant, after he looses all his money to a thief, he realizes that you don't have to do something extraordinary in order to achieve your personal legend. your personal legend is whatever you make it out to be. It's whatever makes you happy. like In the case of the candy merchant, it could even be your job. You might not even realize your personal legend before it's too late. this might be the case, or you might not want to realize it because it is too difficult or challenging.
"I don't want to change anything because i don't know how to deal with change."(60)
in this passage, the crystal merchant proclaims that he does not want to change because he will not know how to deal with change itself. I think that the crystal merchant would rather live in a world where he doesn't fulfill his personal legend because he is so full of fear. I don't see the point of a living a life without reaching your full potential and exceeding what you would consider a reachable dream. The crystal merchant will continue to live out his life unsatisfied until he fulfills his personal legend.
"he had to choose between something he had become accustomed to and something he wanted to have."(30)
In this last passage Santiago talks how he has two choices. one, continue doing something he is accustomed to, like herding his flock of sheep. and two, seeking something he longs to have, like the treasure in Egypt. Sometimes you have to take a leap, even though it might be risky, in order to get what you would like to achieve. Something you have become accustomed to, isn't necessarily something that you enjoy. just because you get used to what is going on doesn't mean you are content.


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