How to avoid internet scams By connor Orr

The internet is a big place and can be very helpful but it can also be very dangerous
The Nigerian prince scam has been around since the beginning of the internet. The scam asks for your help moving millions of dollars to a secret account in return for a large sum of money. You should never respond to these emails and just move them to your trash.
Nearly 12.7 billion dollars were lost in 2013 to these Nigerian prince scams.
Another scam is getting a phone call from "Microsoft in Angels California" . They will claim that your computer is sending out a virus and will then proceed to ask for and then take control of your computer. You should never ever allow anyone but you to take control of your computer.
You may sometimes come across this's message. Always listen to this message it only wants to help you protect your computer
No matter how much you want to believe it you will never win a free ipad.

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