Good Life Nature Activity At FLMNH Amelia Bradsbery

Nature on Display: This display caught my attention because of how big it is.. The fact that it is up on a display shows how strong this animal was seen when it was alive. It shows dominance. I like things are big because it shows they are strong and dependable.
Nature on Display: This is the same display as the first one. I learned that animals this big could be seen as scary but in fact they too have fears just like animals smaller than them do. I liked the fact that the museum had everything on display. They displayed humans and animals, whether big or small. It showed that we appreciate everything on this planet.
Nature and Ethics: I was given the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends because I was able to see the ways humans and animals lived in the past with each other. I felt a sense of unity even though humans are different from animals in many ways, they still worked together in many ways. I feel like the museum should be expanded to show more displays.
Nature and Ethics: A lot of children and adults were astonished at the different displays and the children seemed to enjoy the many exhibits. The museum helped visitors feel one with the displays by placing them in the scenery they felt they would best fit in and were known for living in.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This display shows how humans have evolved and how much we take for granted everyday. Most of us don't have to worry about where we will lay our head at night or eat. This display shows that they may have struggled yes, but they still made something out of nothing. We have to be able to except the world and everything in it to really understand and appreciate the world.

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