Canbury School Newsletter 11th June 2021. Issue 237

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

There are just three weeks to go until the end of this academic year. THREE weeks! Wow. Where has this year gone?! We are all enjoying school but I know we are all also looking forward to the eight week holiday which is just within our reach. This last half term is also packed with a myriad of well-being excursions and expeditions which will help broaden the mind and widen the curriculum.

And talking of expeditions, how lucky were the Duke of Edinburgh Year 10 and Year 11 expeditioners who spent one or two nights under canvas this week? The photos below don't really do it justice, but all campers returned home happy, if exhausted. Well done to each and every one of you. My thanks to Mr McGregor and Mrs Veacock, and to flying night time visitors Mrs Rich and Mrs Branney who each took a turn sleeping under the stars to ensure we were up to the obligatory staff to student ratio. You really are ALL magnificent.

The end of year examinations results are now being entered on our system and so far, I am very pleased with them. All will be revealed on the 18th June!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Wonderful menus were created by the Spanish students in preparation for our role plays in the Spanish restaurant. Well done for some very imaginative names and dishes.

Excellent work in the Sequences Whispers game from Matthew, Ethan, Morgan, Alex, Logan, Sam T and Brendan.

Morgan for excellent presentation on Sherlock Holmes showing English Literature GCSE level inference skills - WOW!

A lovely quiet and calm Graphics lesson while some of the students were catching up with their Art exam.

Year 8

Layla, Karim, Angus and Chloe for excellent work on the Depiction Game and Physical Theatre teamwork! Well done.

Excellent work began on the Spanish role plays in the restaurant with particular mention to Raul aka Ollie B for teaching Luca who came to help.

Excellent focus in Mathematics this week by Layla, Angus, Evia, Karim, Ollie, Thomas, Chloe and Freddie.

Year 9

Excellent work on finding the general terms of Arithmetic and Geometric sequences by all of Year 9 today. Very well done.

Emma for fantastic analysis of a photograph in Art.

All drama students for focus in rehearsal for our promenade production of “Windrush”.

Year 10

Well done to Matthew, Harry, Larry, Ain and Otti who completed their speaking exams in French and Spanish this week. 'Not an easy task - so well done for performing so confidently.

Year 13

Huge thanks to Luca who came in to school to help and ended up saving the day in Mrs Porter's Spanish class. She said she couldn't have managed without you Luca and she hopes you'll be back next week to help out again.


Brilliant work from Year 8 artists. Very impressive.

Well done Year 8s for their fantastic Hannah Hoch inspired collages and posters. Mrs Smith said they worked so hard on them and they look fantastic. We have to agree.

Sports timetable for the last half term - what are you most looking forward to?

Great induction day for Year 11 on Monday, ahead of them joining the Sixth Form in September. The students looked very comfortable in the 6th form building and enjoyed the welcome treats that were prepared for them. But can you work out who DIDN'T want their photo to be taken?!

Duke of Edinburgh Award - a HUGE pat on the back to you all.

The Duke of Edinburgh trip has returned safe and sound, writes Mr McGregor, if a little more tanned than usual!

The Bronze students were amazing, especially given that their training day was approximately 18 months ago. Bronze students spent two days walking, and one camping, in hot sunny temperatures reaching above 25 degrees. The whole of the cohort showed amazing resilience, as well as map reading and navigation skills, bucket-loads of teamwork and sheer determination to walk over 25 km across two days. Even better, the levels of independence the students showed were incredible, with tents being put up and down, cooking of their evening meals without assistance and surviving being let loose in the Surrey Hills alone.

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.

Once the Bronze group had returned home it was time for the Silver group to shine – Rhian, Max, Victor and Evie who already had had two days of walking on their own, then had to set up camp for one last time, cook one last meal and hunker down for one last night of ‘sleep’! Their last day was a bit cooler with a bit more cloud cover, but trickier routes meant they still spent 45 minutes walking round in a circle….Nonetheless, they sorted themselves out, managed to get themselves un-lost and sped through the last few checkpoints of the day towards their finish point just outside of Dorking.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's up the hill we go. Great photos Mr McGregor.

Well done to all of the students, who all passed the expedition phase of the award - now it’s up to you all to make sure you complete your volunteering, physical and skills sections of the awards.

I’m super proud of all of you who took part in this year's expeditions – and can’t wait to get next year's groups signed up!

Assembly today - around the world in double quick time.

We had a very interesting and informative assembly from Year 9 today, looking at the world of tourism and what destinations are out there. They left us desperate to get back out and travelling the globe, just as soon as restrictions allow. In the meantime, travel local and stay safe. We are coming out of this - just keep calm and carry on a little bit longer.

I draw, you draw, we all draw together.

Just a reminder that we have a wild life drawing session after school on Tuesday 22nd June from 3.35 to 4.35pm.

Animals like skunks, opossum, pygmy hedgehogs, sugar gliders and degus will be on hand to draw and interact with.

Wild Life Drawing can be relaxing, therapeutic and mesmerising. There are many benefits connected to human-animal interaction – people experience a boost in mood, a sense of relaxation and reduced feelings of stress and loneliness. As the subject matter is moving, it forces you to maintain that level of concentration, observation and connection. Your thoughts are less likely to wander. Creativity and focus quiets the mind, and helps to develop a mindful way of looking at the world.

No art skills required! The session will be led by an instructor from the company. so what are you waiting for? The session is limited to 15 people and Mrs Rich tells us she has a handful of spaces left. So you'd better drop her a line quickly if you'd like one!

House news.

1800 seconds on autism - a podcast which might be right up your street.

Looking for a more down to earth approach to autism? Well have a listen to "1800 seconds on Autism" on a BBC podcast. From home and family to humour and epic geekiness, this is billed as "a funny and enlightening podcast about thinking differently" presented by autistic hosts Robyn Steward, Jamie Knight and guests. It was recommended to us and so we have no idea if it's worth a listen or not. But if anyone does listen, please do let us know - we'll be interested to know what you think. Here's the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06sdq0x/episodes/downloads

The brilliant charity Young Minds is launching a new campaign for early mental health support hubs for young people called #FundTheHubs.

The charity says right now, thousands of young people are not getting support for their mental health when they first need it. For many, things will get much worse and they may even reach crisis point before they get help. That's why they are calling on the Government to invest in a network of early support hubs.

They say they know from previous campaigns that when enough of us raise our voices, those in power listen. So, if you agree that we can - and should - do better by our young people, they are asking us to take action now by writing to our MPs and telling them to back their call to #FundTheHubs.”

Click this link to submit a pre-drafted letter: