A Photo a Day... Clarissa Ruiz

For my project, I plan to explore the concepts of photography with less restrictions than I have when I learn them during class. In photography, we learn the basic concepts, and have a roll of film that develops a few shots of that concept, and move on to the next within about 2 weeks. I want to focus on some aspects of photography that I loved learning about in class, such as slowing down the shutter speed to expirement with light writing. It is a beautiful technique that I hope to explore in depth.
I am choosing to do something photography based because I love taking pictures. I have always found it extremely relaxing to just take a walk or a drive and find something that I consider to be of such importance. The thing I love most about photography is that it is relative. Every photo means something different to someone. Everyone has their own unique taste in photos, and it is a way for someone to express themselves.
I plan to share my progress on Instagram. It is a social media platform that I am comfortable with, and I believe it is the best place to share photography, since it was created to share photography in the first place. Hopefully this will give me the chance to not feel so self-conscious with sharing the pictures that I take. Along with that, I hope to gain a deeper appreciation for taking pictures. I am hoping for the best, but I know there will be more than a few bumps in the road. It's a learning process and I cannot get too discouraged if things do not turn out the way I want them to. The firat thing I learned in photography was to be accountable for your own work, and I intend to be.
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Clarissa Ruiz


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