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Blog 1: I am choosing to do something photographyy based because I love taking pictures. I have always found it extremely relaxing to just take a walk or a drive and find something that I consider to be of such importance. The thing I love most about photography is that it is relative. Every photo means something different to someone. Everyone has their own unique taste in photos, and it is a way for someone to express themselves.

iPhone 5s

Blog 2: So, I have encountered a few problems with my project so far and one success, with today, February 3rd, being the date of my first Instagram post. (@clarissarzphoto20) The first problem being that my upgrade for a new phone is being delayed for a few months, since my iPhone 6 broke, but the camera still works. So I will be comparing an iPhone 5s (my current phone) & iPhone 6 camera (my old phone), with the iPhone 7 camera possibly appearing in April. The second problem is that I have misplaced my lenses that I had purchased a very long time ago, and have to look for them in the upcoming weeks. The last problem is that I have a pretty busy schedule throughout the week, going to school from 7:30 A.M. to 2:05 P.M., and then practicing from 2:25 P.M. to 5:30 P.M., then going to my brother's wrestling practice until 6:00 P.M. So spending almost 11 hours at school 5 days a week, and trying to take a photo everyday of something new will be a challenge. But it is one that I look forward to, so we shall see how it goes. I'll just take it one day at a time, and like the project, one photo at a time.

iPhone 5s

Blog 3: So unfortunately, I was feeling uninspired with the twenty percent project that I chose to pursue. The goal of the project was to compare different iPhone cameras & focus on camera techinques. Well after three pictures posted to my Instagram, I realized that i was already stuck. So I am choosing to puruse something different, but still photography based. I still have to work out the small details, but i'm sure that I will enjoy this new direction & I am sad to be leaving my original idea. One door closes & another one opens, on to the next idea!


Blog 4: I have once again found inspiration and I am ready to tackle the twenty percent project yet again. For my new project, I am hoping to gain a better understanding of those around me and what they love to do. I am trying to focus on one person a week and ask them questions on what they are passionate about. I will stick with four basic questions for everyone I interview. What are you passionate about? Why are you passionate about (blank)? When did you develop that passion? How has it influenced you as a person? Also, I hope to put one of my passions on there until I run out of things to say, and maybe I can try something new. I will be the first person on my new project, so I will answer my own questions. My passion is softball. For me, softball has always been about challenging myself, since I never had the natural talent for it. I have been playing softball since I was 4 and a half years old, and I am currently in my final season of softball at 18. I have learned many lessons from softball, mostly about how to care for others and support others, since you always have to have your teammates because they are supposed to be a second family. I feel that softball has made me a better person overall, and I am so sad that I have reached my final season.

Clarissa Ruiz (Softball)

Blog 5: Based on the feedback that I received after the pitch presentation, I realized that I have to focus more on my community benefit. I know what I am going to do & why I am doing it, but I need to focus more, going forward, on how it will benefit the Business Academy students and teachers. It will help towards creating that bond between the students, since they will be sharing their passions with the entire class. It will also create a bond with our teachers since they will be sharing their passions and learning about ours. For some of us, the passions are obvious, like myself for example, I wear my softball stuff all of the time, so I pretty much showcase it every day. For some of us, it is less obvious, and those are the students that I would like to showcase with my project. I will post at least 4 pictures over the break and blog at least twice. I hope to post for Alex, Chris, Mamsell, Arlene, Rosa & Adolfo over the break. I will also consult with my mentor to see how I can improve my pictures or work on improving the community benefit aspect of my project before the symposium.

Jesse Carroll (weight lifting)

Blog 6: This week I interviewed 3 of my friends/classmates to ask about their passions. Angelica Mozqueda said her passion is swimming/water polo. Jesse Carroll said that his passion is power lifting. Erick Martinez said that his passion is gaming. I plan to take quotes from my interview and take pictures for my Instagram this upcoming week. It was fun to interview my classmates and learn a little more about them. I already knew their passions, but I learned when they developed their passions and how they feel it made them better people. I have also met with my mentor, which is my mother, & asked her how I should be spending my time developing this project. Unfortunately with it being softball season, I cannot put as much time into my project as I would like to, but my mentor helped me manage it better. She is also letting me use her camera on our upcoming Oakland trip, so I can try to shoot out there as well. I am also looking to interview more of those classmates in Oakland.

Christopher Sandoval (traveling)

Blog 7: So unfortunately I have fallen behind in my project due to softball. I was not expecting to be playing as much as we have in these past two weeks. Usually we get home anywhere from 8:00 to 10:30 at night. We play 3 days out of the school week and on Saturdays. I spend the other days 2 week days practicing and Sunday catching up on homework. So, this Saturday I plan to shoot all of my pictures from the 3 people I interviewed before my game, and post them Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I would like to interview one more person by the end of the week and maybe fit them in before we present for the panel. Update: I uploaded a photo for Josh, Erick, & Jesse before the panel presentation. I also have interviewed more of my fellow seniors, Chris, Rosa, & Alejandro to take more photos over spring break. I will continue to blog & hopefully will get to interview more in Oakland. I already have one photo in mind for Chris as well as Rosa, so interviewing more people would be the best idea to reach my goal of interviewing all of my classmates.

Oakland, Spring Break

Blog 8: During spring break, I only shot pictures for one of my classmates, Chris. I hope to shoot more this upcoming week, I have one photo scheduled for everyday. Honestly, I did not do much of anything for this project over the break. Hopefully my habit of procrastinating will lessen as we go back to school and I get back into the rhythm of things.

Arlene Garcia (Water Polo/Swim)

Blog 9: I have not accomplished much since the last blog. I have taken photos for Angelica & Arlene and I will update them at the end of the day today. We have just started official season for softball and we have been practicing longer and have had games throughout the week. This is going to be a problem for the duration of the project, but it gets easier to handle as the season goes on. For the symposium, I plan to have a science board with the pictures surrounding the Instagram handle, which will be in the middle. I want to paint the poster, but I will see if I have time for that.

Adolfo Granados (fashion)

Blog 10: (Symposium Reflection) I received positive feedback for the most part. People related to my project, and appreciated what I was doing for the academy. I got told that my board looked very nice, and that I spoke very professionally. The counselors in particular seemed to love my idea and encouraged me to keep going with it. I have to keep posting on a regular basis to finish my goal of having one picture for every one of my classmates. I gained about 10 followers after the symposium, so I'm about halfway to my goal of 100 followers.

Blog 11: So I've changed my project slightly again due to feedback I had received from the Symposium. Mr. Necochea thought that I would have a bigger community impact if I expanded the project to more than just Business Academy students. So as of this point forward, my project is inclusive to all Cougar Students. I still plan to finish the rest of the Business Academy students, but now I can interact more with my followers and be a little more creative with it.

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