The Quarantine Movie VS Book

In the book The Quarantine there was a massive explosion at McKinekly high there are two teenage boys that go threw obstacles. All of them have a disease and learn to live with it while their locked up in the school for months. They have seen and even killed someone themselves, having each other helped but also having their team. Will and David will help this girl named Lucy, not knowing they would become as close as they did and both end up liking her. Will thought he had her but her eyes were set on David. Together with their team, known as the loners they fight other teams to try and find a way out. Not only will their own teammates turn on them but people they haven't even talked to a day in their life turn on them.

In the movie The Quarantine it was a normal day for David and Will, then all of a sudden there's a big explosion. The explosion made the whole school super ill forcing the military to go in and close all openings letting the students outside. Reason behind this was because letting students out would immediately make the outsiders sick. The disease would only last until you graduated and then would disappear and be gone. Many of the students started forming their own little groups leaving David and Will alone together.

In the book it didn't tell all the little things that happened in the movie. The movie will give you a lot more details and a better pictures and images in your head. The book will explain some of the things the movie won't have or what they cut out of the film. The book will describe and tell the bigger story. I recommend reading and watching both of them just to get the full story.

I think you should definitely read the book. The movie you can watch in an hour or so but reading the book will open your mind way more. I feel as if reading would not only help someone understand it way more than watching the film but you can go at your own pace. You could vision your own pictures with the information their giving you and make your own little movie.


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