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Mount Vesuvius was one of the most deadly eruptions of all time because of Earth processes that had a major effect on the land in Pompeii and the people in the surrounding cities. So let’s go back in time to the year of August 24 79 AD to see why Vesuvius was so dangerous, why did Vesuvius erupt, how did Vesuvius form, and what really happened.

Mount Vesuvius for years has been a mystery of why it occurred in Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius formed from the African plate being subducted underneath the Eurasian plate. This formed the Campanian Arc which Mount Vesuvius sits on along with many other volcanoes in Europe. There are many places on Earth that is like the Mount Vesuvius eruption but one has many similarities and that volcano is Mount St. Helens. Mount St. Helens and Mount Vesuvius are both very much alike. For example, they both spit out massive amounts of hot ash and toxic gasses. Another thing that they have in common is that they both sit on a subduction zone. The subduction zone that Mount St. Helens formed at is when the Juan De Fuca plate was being subducted underneath the North American plate. Mount Vesuvius was apart of the same process but with the African plate being subducted underneath the Eurasian plate. Mount St. Helens is apart of the great “Ring of Fire” while Vesuvius is apart of the Campanian Arc in Italy. As you can see Mount Vesuvius and Mount St. Helens have many similarities. Mount Vesuvius also built, destroyed, and changed the Earth’s surface during the eruption of 79 AD. One thing that helped build the Earth’s surface is that volcanoes are common at plate boundaries. At plate boundaries are subduction zones. Subduction zones are where one plate is being pulled under another. At these spots volcanoes and mountain ranges form. Another Earth process that helps form volcanoes is molten rock (magma) rising and falling in the mantle. This pushes the crust up and eventually forms a volcano. This process takes a very prolonged period of time. But we know that the Earth doesn’t just build and change, it destroys. So when volcanoes spit out solid rock, lava (magma, but once it reaches the surface it is considered lava), gases, and hot ash it wipes out everything in its path. It wipes away cars, houses, people, and covers everything in ash. Vesuvius in fact covered the whole city of Pompeii with over 20 feet of ash. No wonder the city is still clearing all of the ash to this day. These are only some of the many, many forces inside Earth that builds, changes, and destroys Earth’s surface.

Mount Vesuvius destroyed many things and affected many things but it also provided many new resources for the people to come. In the paragraph below it will describe what Vesuvius destroyed and affected and then talk about the new resources that came about due to Vesuvius’s eruption. Some things that Vesuvius affected is the water. With all the surrounding water in Pompeii the ash released toxins into the water. Henceforth, this caused the H2O to be poisonous and undrinkable. Another thing that the eruption affected is that it caused a famine. Those are some of the things that the eruption of Vesuvius affected. But the eruption also caused a growth in other natural resources. One thing that it created is that the soil became extremely fertile soil. It gave farmers the chance to plant more crops in Pompeii. The soil became very fertile soil because the ash mixed with the soil and created it to be more farmable. These are some events that occurred after and during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

This is a picture of Mount Vesuvius!! On the right side of the mountain you realize that there is a big gap. That is because it all blew off during the eruption.

Mount Vesuvius didn’t only affect the environment but it also affected the people. Vesuvius was the most deadly eruption to people of all time. It covered most if not all the residents of Pompeii in scorching gases and hot ash. This caused the bodies and artifacts to be preserved which can be seen today in museums. But what if another eruption like Vesuvius happens today. Would we be prepared? Would we survive? With the technologies today it is very possible. One of the technologies is a volcano warning system. It will warn everyone in the seismic activity zone of the volcano that a volcano could possibly erupt. Another thing is that it will warn the possible damage that might occur. This will help people to prepare their houses for the volcano eruption. Scientific knowledge has led to many discoveries about volcanoes but we still are unable to determine the actual outcome and effects to people from the volcano. There are still some rescue teams that are used today in order to save people from a deadly eruption like Vesuvius. For example, there are SWAT teams that rescue people and there are helicopter rescues to help people in dangerous locations. Therefore, I believe that the technologies today could save millions of people from having to face a deadly eruption like Mount Vesuvius.

Due to these findings I hope you all have learned the process behind the annihilation of Vesuvius to the city of Pompeii. There were many questions to consider before this writing and I hope you accumulated the most information possible when reading this text about how did Vesuvius erupt, why Vesuvius was so dangerous, and what happened during the surrounding years of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The End!!


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