Ellis Island By:logan pierce

The purpose for immigrating to America was that many were promised their freedom, and to get away from war or religious prosecution. It also helped build the population of America by drawing people in with a chance to have a paying job. Many people liked this idea because it promised a much better life than they could ever have on their homeland. Another reason people immigrated to America was because of food scarcity, especially because around the time of Ellis Island the Irish were suffering through the great Potato Famine. Because of this almost all Americans today have a relative who came to America through Ellis Island.

Three cons of coming to Ellis Island. 1. Most had to change their names so that it could be easily understood. 2. Many had to be put in pens for an extensive amount of time before they could be let through. 3. Everyone had to go through an extreme health test were the doctors even had to turn their eyelids inside out!

Three pros to coming to Ellis Island. 1. If you have a child at Ellis Island they immediately become U.S. citizens. 2. Many were hiring immigrants for jobs working on things such as railroads. 3. Once they were done with the tests they became a U.S. citizen, and as a result, got their freedom

Life stuck on Ellis Island was not easy, one example was if a women came to the island alone she had to wait for a male relative/sponsor, and if hey didn't show up the women sometimes had to go back to their homeland. The most common case however was when someone was sick, when this happened they would go through medical treatment and have to stay in a pen until they were better. Eventually they were either allowed leave or sent back to their homeland. When they were in those pens they would be fed and taken care of.

An Ellis Island ship from the outside and inside.
Ellis Island then and now.

Bob Hope was born in Leslie Townes Hope, England. Him and his family left for America when he was four years old, and they came through Ellis Island. Now the Bob Hope Memorial Library stands on Ellis Island. Bob Hope was a famous actor/comedian. After getting through Ellis Island the Hopes moved to Ohio were Bob started his very successful stand-up career. And in WW2 he went to the war zones and cheered the troops on with his comedy.

One last interesting fact is that while undergoing their health test immigrants had to get their eyelids flipped inside out with buttonhooks (photo above) to check for trachoma.


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