Values My Core Values: Andrew Fish


For me, I value you hard work and and I use sports, primarily basketball, to exercise that value. I work hard to be successful when I play and win or lose I enjoy games that make me play my best and work for the win. Pat Tillman used football as a way to put to use his core value of challenging ones self.


Passion for what I do is a value I try to uphold. I have a passion for playing basketball and during my high school career I took it very seriously and gave it 100%. Pat Tillman also had passion for what he did. From his time as a football player to his time in the army he was fully committed to what he did.

Happiness is my most valued core value, I believe that without happiness life doesn't have the same meaning. This follows similarly to Pat's value of kindness which can start to give happiness to others


Hope follows right behind happiness with my core values. I believe that the right mindset can change any outcome and that starts with having hope for the future. Pat Tillman had kindness as a value showing he has hope that everyone is worthy of kindness.


Independence is very important to me and the ability to succeed and survive on your own I believe is vital. Pat Tillman showed independence in all parts of his life.


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