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Western Frontier

- The building of railroads led to the great expansion out west and quicker transportation.
-Constant conflicts with indians led to the formation of indian reservations.
1860s - 1900s
Thanks to the homestead act farmers could get 160 acres of land for only a small fee and a few years of giving their crops to the government. Greatly increased the amount of farmers.
During this time a large amount of African Americans moved out of the south and are known as the exodusters.

Big Business

Monopolies dominated the US economy making it extremely hard for farmers and small businesses to make a living.
John D. Rockefeller ruled the oil industry and Andrew Carnegie ran the steel industry.
America was booming and advancing at a rapid rate during the late 1800's

Gilded Age

A time of serious social issues during 1870 to the 1900s.
A time where money was a huge issue. Few were really rich while most were really poor.

Progressive Era

A time from the 1890s-1920s when social activism and political reform were in affect to recover from the gilded age.


Time when the United States was expanding by taking Hawaii, part of Mexico, and other places. 1898-1917


Because the Germans were sinking civilian boats America declared war on Germany on January 9, 1917.

Roaring 20s

A time when America was becoming very wealthy and more alike people were moving to the cities, listening to the sam music, buying the same things. People were becoming more alike.

Great Depression

During the 1930s America hit a huge bump in the road. After the stock market crash and money not being backed up in the banks. Everyone went broke and businesses had to lay people off because no one could afford anything.


America joined WW2 after the Japanese bombed pear harbor on December 7, 1941. It was the reason America got out of the great depression. It provided jobs for women making war supplies and led to women rights.

Cold War

Because of tension between America and Russia there was a constant fear of a nuclear war because both superpowers had them. There was never any actually fighting; just a fear of being attacked. Harry Truman was the president of the time.

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