How America Started By kaden del Valle

In 1492 Columbus found out that the waters were safe and not filled with monsters. He also found out the world was a sphere not flat so we can go to new land.

when you go in the video it is the first one on the left.

In 1775 the battle of Concord. Us against the British and we won with the blockades why they were in lines. Thar day we showed them were here to stay.

When the treaty of Paris was signed the Americans were free and ready to go of by themselves as a free country. At first we were in debut like a lot and it was bad for us.

The Louisiana purchase in 1803 was great for how did the U.S started because farmers could not sell there stuff to the world because France had the Mississippi river so the U.S got it and got rich and got out of debut with them.

Even tho the Revolution ended British was still buging us so we got in war with them again. During that war we got are national anthem and stooped buging us.

A lot of Americans watched the white hose burn from miles away in fear of the British.

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