Coachella's Golden Hour A story told by photos - courtesy of blurr

Golden Hour: Defined As The Last Hour Before Sunset

Golden Hour at Coachella can be experienced from immeasurable vantage points and persona's. Much like the festival itself, it personifies the diversified beauty that encompasses the Coachella grounds, and makes it a truly unique festival. Here's 'Golden Hour' at Coachella: told by real, uncensored photos of the festival goers themselves.
As Golden Hour swarms in over the desert, the glistening sun is still baking over avid festival goers. Stages are packed, the atmosphere is electric, and nightfall couldn't seem further away.
Golden Hour in its vibrant infancy
As Golden Hour reaches its peak, the rampant, ecstatic festival seem to enter a state of Solidarity. Appreciation oozes across the Polo grounds, as people gaze around at the magical moments they're experiencing, with the incredible people they're with.

But, before you know it the Sun starts to cool, shadows start to lengthen & the beating blue sky is overcome with a sunset that leaves jaws hanging.

Sunsets are a moment in time that can last for an eternity. That moment is experienced in immeasurable ways and captured from endless vantage points.

As night-time draws in, festival goers prepare for the completely different beast that is, Coachella at night. The hustle and bustle ensues as festival goers have shifted into night mode, hurling across the festival grounds to see their first night act in the inevitable over-filled stages. Combatted with their freshly filled camel baks, food truck filled bellies and a level of non-soberness suitable for the evenings festivities.

The best time in Coachella's day may be short, but the memories captured are endless - and the stories are unforgettable.

Life is just a collection of these shared experiences and memories. Capturing these moments tells stories - and there's none more raw and authentic than one captured by the people themselves. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words - a story captured by the people living and breathing it is worth much, much more than that.

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