Text as Art Soroush Amirostovar


In my researches I tried to find a phoenix with open wings

10 Thumbnails

3 Roughs

Final work



The purpose of this project was to design an object by its letters, so I came up with two different ideas, a peacock and a phoenix. After some doodling and sketches I realize that I can be more creative if I choose the phoenix.

In my researches I tried to find a phoenix with open wings because I thought that it’s much easier to work with.

After my final drawing I started to work on computer but the main problem was that which font would be the best. So I tried different kind of fonts and I found out the cursive font would be a good decision.

One of the other struggles was to decide that which letter should I use for each part of the phoenix, so I used capital “I” for wings and the tail, capital “E” for the main body and for creating the head I used capital “P”, “I”, and an “X”. For connecting the main body to the wings and the tail I used capital “N” and “H”, and for attaching the head to the main body I used an “O”.

And at the end I used red outline for showing the fire and ashes in the phoenix.

In my opinion in this project we had to be creative with letters and I think that we can use these creativity and other skills that we achieved in this project in other projects that we have to work with texts.

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