Renaissance By:caden aguirre

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance by expanding the trade with Venice and getting ideas and products from Asia. The text states in page 298 “As more goods became available, prices went down.people could buy more things they wanted. Trade increased, and new products appeared in the market.”(holt 298). This statement shows that how new products and markets and when you trade you get money and when you have money you can trade more. Consequently because of the reopening of the Silk Road new products were available.

A painting
Map of the Silk Road

Italian trade ciTies: Florence


Medici crest
In this picture it shows how people are counting money
This painting demonstrates how people did their banking duty
This painting shows a teacher teaching her students
In this picture it shows people reading and learning

Rediscovering the past

The Greek and roman ideas help shaped the development of the renaissance by using art and culture ideas. I know this because in document 1 it says "Greek and romans inspired new styles, architecture and ways of thinking.". This statement shows that the people of Italy are adapting from the Greek and roman ideas. Consequently from developing from Greek and Roman ideas the trade cities formed.

Roman on bottom Greek on top

Leonardo de Vinci

Leonardo de Vinci was known as the "renaissance man" because he could practically do anything. For example Leonardo would get bodies before their burial and use them to study the human body which is called Anatomy. Also Leonardo would make an invention that could perhaps make people fly, he did this by studying the way the birds moved and flapped their wings.

Some of Leonardo's art works


JOhan gutenburg

A impact that the printing press had on the renaissance and citizens is that the printing press can higher people's education. Also the printing press cold fit letters into a frame, spread ink and press a sheet of against the letters.

Printing press

WILLIAM shakEspeare

William Shakespeare's writings effectively helped the ideas of humanism because most of his writings/plays were focused on how every human is important and is worth something. Also his writing motivatioated people to read so they can read Shakespeare's plays. I know this because in (holt 317) it's states "Shakespeare was such an important writer that he even influenced the English language.he invented common phrases like fair play and common words such as lonely." In conclusion William Shakespeare was a very important individual that influenced literature.

Some quotes and works of Shakespear

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